Cabins On A Lake Where You Can Bring Your Boat ??

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  1. Hey just was wondering if anyone knew of any private lakes in Ohio where they have cabins with a private dock for each cabin that you can bring your own boat and have your own little getaway for a week..........I'm a stay at home dad and the wife wants me to have a whole week to myself for nothing but fishing,she told me to start looking for cabins.........I can handle that.. seeing as how my life is homebound 24/7.....if you know of any please let me know and any info would be great !! P.S. NOT looking for something on Lake Erie...I only have a 14 ft. semi-v Smokercraft w/ a 2.0 Johnson and a 46 lb trolling motor , it's NOT an Erie boat......THANKS !!!!
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    Consider making the drive up to Fletcher's floodwaters in Michigan - about 6-7 hours. Excellent bass, pike and perch fishing - 9,000 acre lake averages only 5 feet deep in 90% of the lake. Tons of stumps and cover to fish.

    We stayed at Brown's last year. They have docks right next to their cabins on the water.

    Here's some pics:

  3. Hey Thanks For Sharing That Info With Pics........definitely Will Look Into That For Sure !!
  4. Yatesville Lake in KY has primitive camping sites (tent) which are ONLY accessible by boat. Check it out!
  5. It's not private, but some of the MWCD lakes have cabins with docks. The ones at Tappan are nice. Google MWCD and I'm sure you'll find the info you're after.