Cabin fever

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by CountryKat, Jan 27, 2009.

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    Well it's that time of year again, YEP CABIN FEVER!! :( I have been tying a bunch of flies, spent a paycheck on a new computer project, shoveled the sidewalk a bazillion times, went to war with the wifes cats (the one with a chunk of hair missing to finish a fly) she is OK, took 4 garbage bags of clothes to the goodwill, bought my son a .22, and finally had the wife tell me I am on her last nerve from pacing the floors. I guess I have to go into my yearly venture of dismantalling all my reels so I can clean and grease them up for the new season around the corner. :B OH, I do have my walleye trip scheduled for this year. :)

    Anyone else had the better half give you "THE LOOK" lately. :confused:

    Now that I looked over this I could do nothing but laugh. :p
  2. your right that time of year for sure. just got me new bass pro 09 spring catalog. and put in a order for some drop shot stuff. Wife said do you really need more stuff LOL. Yep cabin fever for sure

  3. My wife say's the same, everytime I bring home or receive an order in the mail...UPS pulls up and she say"s what did you buy now...The truth of it is " No I don't need it . If I lived another 100 years, I would not have to buy anything...Got my Bass Pro Cat. yesterday and you and I know when I go through it , there it will be what I have been looking for. ( We are all getting a little cabin fever about now)........Jim.....:(
  4. I hunted all Fall and the wife was getting tired of me being gone most of the weekends. I haven't hunted since muzzleloading, so she has been happy with me being around the house. I did mention to her that I was going hunting this weekend since its the last weekend of deer season...well...let's just say, she's not too happy with me right now.

    But hey, she has the next 8 months with me around the house.
  5. PapawSmith

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    Maybe you are reading too many threads and not reading enough wife!
    Sounds, to me, like it's time to buy a couple bottles of wine, cook an outstanding dinner, light a few candles, toss a Van Morrison CD in the player and find out what that "look" is all about. ;) IMO
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    I've been going through all of my old tackle boxes getting ready to pack for the move and man did I come accross some old gems. I have a bunch of old Bagleys Honey Bees and Killer Bs in colors they haven't made since the 80's. My wife of course wants to know what I plan on doing with 6 tackle boxes full of old plugs that I will never fish with again. Truth is I really don't either but I just can't seem to part with them for some reason. I have lots of other old crankbaits and topwater plugs that will never see the water again but I just can't seem to part with the stuff. On the bright side I did say to the wife, I've sorted out the rod/reel combos I no longer want and am going to give them away, she said you mean those 3....what about those 20+ there?
    Well those are "special" I said....women, try to get them to throw away an old pair of wore out dress shoes and listen to them squeel....Cabin Fever!!
    Groundhog Day is almost here and at worst we will only have 6 more weeks of lousy weather:) COME ON SPRING!!!!
  7. I have been going through my gear. I fish pretty much year round, but have slowed down right now due to the weather and work. I am selling stuff I dont use to save up to buy new stuff that I dont need...haha

    Cleaning my reels and rods, getting new line ready, organizing and re-organizing tackle...haha needs to warm up a little here so I can get back out there on the water.