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  1. Well I have been to the Cabela's in Kearney, NE, Mitchell SD, And Dundee MI, I think Dundee is the best simply because it's the biggest and seems to have largest overall selection. I went to wheeling last weekend for the second time, I believe it is comparable in size to the Mitchell SD store, and the whitetail display room is the most awsome site i have ever saw.

    Like the others i was dissapointed when i went to the icefishing area, but i still managed to find a few little items.

    sorry i started a new thread with this accidentally, i meant to reply to the existing thread on Cabela's
  2. Catch The Big Ones And Your Forgiven...chill Gill...

  3. You know all i catch are the big ones my Chilly friend, or as The Ice Cube calls 'em Bubba Gills.