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  1. I was thinking about taking a small trip for my spring break and also to pick a few things up at Cabela's. But I wanted to try something different and go somewhere other than the Dundee and Wheeling store what was your guys take on other Cabela's stores? Thinking anywhere from the Richfield MN, to the Indiana, the one in Missouri, and also the one in Hamburg PA. Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions to which store you guys like the best. And if anyone knows any attractions near the store in which the girlfriend might like would also be appreciated.

    Thanks, G3
  2. With all of the traveling I've done for work, I've been to almost every Cabela's in the midwest. Personally I think the Wheeling store is the nicest of them with the best live fish displays.

    There are two new stores in the greater Chicago in Hoffman Estates, IL and one in Hammond, IN. The one in Hammond is closer and there is a new Bass Pro a couple of miles down the interstate. Being close to Chicago, you have the advantage of plenty of other things for the girlfriend to do. I just wouldn't stay overnight in the Hammond/Gary area.

  3. Thanks Saildog, the info is greatly appreciated.
  4. I bought a boat last summer at the Hammond store. I shopped around the fishing gear while waiting for the boat to get prepped to to. I generally recall that it was a decent selection, but thought Dundee was bigger/better. I must admit that I was in a daze after I saw my shiny new Fishing Machine, but I'm sure I would not drive past Dundee to get back there for fishing gear unless I had other business in the the Chicago area.
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    i was at the one in Missouri last year and it was nice.. also had bass pro right down the street..if u can time it right they have an awsome irish fest thats close by. the pub goes underground with some good bands that play.
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    Been to the one in MN near minneapolis, nice store. Also to dundee and wheeling. I think they are all relatively similar, but thats me.