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  1. Cabelas has some really good deals right now in the bargain cave. I got some Gary Yamamoto grubs for 88 cents for a 20 pack, usually $5.98. Also got some sausage seasoning kits for chorizo, bratwurst and bologna for $4.88 that are usaully $12.99. I'll have enough sausage seasoning to make 90lbs! :eek:

    All together I got about $95 worth of stuff for just under $50
  2. Well got all my stuff and ready to make some sausage now. You wont believe this though, I ordered a bottle of habonaro hot sauce since it was on sale for $1.88. I'm expecting like a Tobasco size bottle, nope this is a 1 liter bottle of hot pepper sauce!! Not sure what the heck I'll do with all of it.

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    Shots!!!!! :D

    Let us know how those seasoning kits work out. I've been thinking about branching out a little bit.

  4. They still have some on sale. Its a great price and they include the casings! I didnt realize that and bought extra casings but for $4.88 you get enough spices for 30lbs of sausage plus the casings, cant beat it.

    I'll line the shots up for ya!;)
  5. Found some hooks that I was looking for also in the Bargain Cave. 28 degree Mustad Ultra Point Jig Hooks for bullet bass jigs, size 4/0 and 5/0 in black chrome. Regular price $9.88 for 25, On sale for $4.88 per 25. Ordered 150, enough to last a few years.
  6. I got some of the Rod Tubes that are on sale for $4.88 . I usually make my own from 4" PVC but Cabelas has a variety of lengths. Inside dia is about 2.75" which is fine for 1 rod...