Cabelas Whuppin' Sticks?

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  1. anybody own one? i am looking at the 9' spinning model. they seem to be made similar to an ugly stick but are much cheaper. are they as tough as they claim? i am mostly concerned with the ceramic popping out of the guides, friend bought a couple of their "King-Kat" rods and they had horrible guides.
  2. I got one few years back and thought I would give a try and the price was good. It was about 9 months from the tip about six inches down snaped off. I was like WTH and said oh well and glad I got it for I think it was $19.00 for a 9ft. pole. It might of been a flaw in it I'm not sure. I like my white poles the ugly stick makes when I catfish.

  3. i have 3 if them 2 7'7" and a 8 footer. i love em and the $$$ good.jason have a new 8' one i dont need
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    I own a couple of the 7' Medium action cork handle rods and love them. I bought one at first to see how they were as trolling rods and they work pretty good so I picked up 2 more. I have had several incidents on Alum hangin cranks up running 3mph with 40lb braid and never snapped one. A couple of times I had the drag cranked down and the rods didnt snap, I actually thought the rod holder was going to pull off the boat. No problems with the guides and the handles held up pretty good for being in rod holders all the time. Yeah there a cheap rod but like anything else if you take care of them they should hold up. I never had a problem returning anything to Cabelas that had there name on it so I would imagine if you do have a problem they will take care of it for you.