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Cabela's Limited Edition Catalog

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by FishingAddict17, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. When I got home last night, I had this heavy box from Cabela's. Thinking back over my order history, I started to worry that I forgot about something and my chick might have seen it first. ;) Anyway, I open the box and find this book called the Cabela's Limited Edition Catalog with a certificate and all that. I must say I was quite impressed as the catalog is hardbound but I haven't had a chance to look through it. I'm still not done with BPS and Cabela's normal catalog. Therefore, has anyone else received this book and is there any difference in this catalog versus Cabela's normal catalog? I don't wanna waste the time going through it for nothing but I was impressed with the fact that they spent the money on a hardbound catalog. That's one more feather in Cabela's hat relative to BPS. Unfortunately, BPS sometimes has things Cabela's doesn't but their service is terrible if you asked me, and I have many, many, many examples :D
  2. Hetfieldinn

    Hetfieldinn Staff Member

    I got one on my doorstep today. My last experience with Cabelas didn't go very well, so I called them about a month ago, and told them to quit flooding my mailbox with their catalogs and flyers. I'm going to mail this one back to them, and inform them if I recieve any more of their literature, I will consider it harrassment.

  3. Number one customer satisfaction.
  4. ncraft150

    ncraft150 Buckeye-Basser

    I haven't got any type of catalog from them yet this year. I was wondering where they were. I spend more at Bass Pro even though I agree about their bad service. They have more of the things I want for fishing. They haven't even sent me a master catalog. Just the little ones. I spend about $1000 a year between them and all I've got is a marine catalog from BPS and emails from them.
  5. I did the same thing (flashing back through my past orders) when my girlfriend said I had a box from cabelas today and it wasn't my boat carpet that I've been waiting on. They did a very nice job on it. Too bad I havn't had a chance to look through it yet though.

  6. I have not received my Limited Edition catalog yet. I got one from them a couple years or so back that sounds like the same thing. It came in a hardback as well. I receive several seasonal catalogs from them for hunting and fishing and I even have a Cabelas credit card. So needless to say I deserve one.;) I will be watching the mailbox in anticipation.:D
  7. Yeah, I don't order much from those magazines but are they good reading material or what when you're sitting on the water closet? BPS seems to serve me the best.

    Man Hetfield, what are you so sore over? Did Cabella's really give you the bone lately?
    Just be careful with sending threatening mail as the post office is extremely sensitive since them damn terrorist attacks. This past summer, I tried to send my brother in Alaska some fresh sheephead fillets via the mail and that was nearly impossible to accomplish.
  8. Hooch

    Hooch Fare Thee Well!

    It's the same stuff that's in all of the smaller fact it's like they take all of the catalogs, put a binder on it and ship 'em out. It is nice to have it all in one place! Cabela's is top notch!! I've also got a Cabela's Visa and since I've changed my way of paying bills, I earn about $150-$200 a year in Cabela's Bucks!! Gee I wonder what I'll order next... -Hooch-
  9. Yeah but it holds up better from all the browsing looking and drooling.;)

    The best thing about my Cabelas card is that every year on my way up to Canada on vacation I get to stop in Dundee and stock up on supplies at Cabelas for free.:D:D
  10. I spend $500 or more each year and get the soft catalogs. I must be second rate. Anyone get the thick spring '05 catalog yet? I just got the tackle catalog, no marine, no spring. How does one upgrade to hard cover?

    Catalog deprived,
  11. That is a good question. I was totally surprised when I got mine a few years back.
    Now that I have not received one the last couple of years I am beginning to wonder what I did to drop from the elite.:rolleyes:
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  12. if you haven't got yours yet, do not fret i just got mine today, nice, but i wish they would just cut the overhead and just send regular catalogs...