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Cabela's in Brunswick?

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Erterbass, May 31, 2007.

  1. Erterbass

    Erterbass Ohio Angler

    Man, the fishing superstores are going at it...;)

    Last week Akron announced that Bass Pro is coming to what is now the Goodyear headquarters. Now the Plain Dealer has an article that Brunswick and Medina County have approved a similar deal for a Cabela's at I-71 and 303.

    Here's the link

    Here's another story...
  2. Basspro already has the new location posted on their website for a store coming to Rossford which is near Toledo, I can't imagine they are going to put that many more in but who knows, fine by me. All that means is I am going to need another tackle box and rod rack :D

  3. Zom B.

    Zom B. disMembered

    I have heard musings to that effect, but I wonder where it could go in the 71 and 303 area. There is already that Camping World / Sirpila RV store on on side, and auto dealerships take up a lot of the space. A couple of swaths of land go unused, but considering the size of the average Cabela's, I just don't know where they would fit.
  4. They were talking about two counties competing for Cabelas on the radio this morning. Medina county (Brunswick) was on. Unfortunately the station kept going in and out so I missed the rest. With a Bass Pro Shop and a Cabelas in the same area they will have to keep their prices in check.
  5. I've heard/seen talk of Wadsworth as a potential location for a cabellas
  6. I think Cabelas constantly talks with a lot of cities/towns until something comes along that they can't refuse. Probably how the Wheeling location was selected. This talk is probably the source for a lot of the rumors/leads.

    There has been talk about one of the main intersections on I-76/224 (at I-71, another further east near wadsworth). If the Lodi-area folks basically gave them the land and rebuilt the interchange, they probably might think about a location.
  7. There has been rumurs for over 2 years about a Cabela's in Wadsworth. Medina County want's it and is now offering Brunswick as an option. Summit County also wants it and is saying Twinsburg. Akron seems to have Bass Pro locked in with the tax breaks and whatever it is giving them. Would be nice to see them here in the area. Sure will put a hurting on Dick's.
  8. Lou


    Bring it. It would be the perfect second job.
  9. Lou


    I'm not at all impressed with Dick's Sporting Goods. Their stocking sucks!
  10. tha K-mart on 303 has the best selection i have ever seen.... LOL

  11. steelheadBob

    steelheadBob Robs Guide Service

    i dont know, but i would really love to know what the heck there building by me, im over here on rt.8 and 271. They have cleared enough land to fit two cabelas, made on and off ramps to rt.8 which is going to be 6 lanes now and making the on and off ramps on 271 two - three lanes, all new power lines and sewers???????????naahhhh, i couldnt be that lucky enough to have one that close to me LOL
  12. I live in Brunswick... I would love the store, but hate the traffic. Brunswick used to be a quiet little town, but now 303 is hell in the middle of the day. I can't see how they can widen anymore. Not to mention I will need another job to pay for all the fishin gear I will by! HA!