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  1. ranger487

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    I was wondering if anybody else here got there limited edition hard back catalog from Cabelas? I wonder how much money these companys like bass pro and Cabela spend on sending all these out. Maybe its a right off at the end of the year not sure but you would have to think that they are getting alout of return for there spending.

  2. Gju42486

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    got mine today----i guess i spend to much money there :S

  3. PapawSmith

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    Not everyone receives the big hardbound editions. Take a look back at how much you spent there this past year. That has a lot to due with who gets them, only those that, basically, have already purchased one.
  4. Received mine. Number of years dealing with them counts too. Used to spend a lot of $'s with Cabelas from the late 70's through the mid 90's then started to deal more localy on tackle as the prices are equal to or often lower than Cabelas as well as Bass Pro, plus I can see and feel what I am buying locally. Still order by mail for large $ hardware as well as electronics. That hardbound is nice to use.

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  5. Yep got mine. How can they afford the printing and mailing ? ?

    I feel obligated to buy something now ! !

    Didn't spend much in 08 but lots and lots before that.
  6. DaleM

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    I haven't got mine yet, but I will give Cabela's a big thumbs up.
    Sunday I went on line at 9:00 PM and ordered 2- bait casting outfits. These were on a special. I ordered two Diawa bait casting reels and 2- 7' rods. By the time I got done and everything ordered it was about 9:30. I had a gift card and money in my cabela's rewards card. After cashing them in and adding $28.00 more of my own money I got 2 great outfits for about half. Now remember I said it was 9:30 PM Sunday.
    On Tuesday morning at 11:30 AM UPS delivered both outfits at my door. Guys that's 36 hours after I ordered them! Now that's what I call great service. I know we had a post on here complaining about Cabela's a week or so again, but this just shows how good they really are. I've ordered from them many many times and each and every time they have been first class.
    Just had to share that with you.
    After spending this amount I figure I'll get my hard back cover soon.
  7. viper1

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    Been getting them 2-3 years now about 4 a year. Spend way too much I guess.Very nice though.
  8. CountryKat

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    Got mine a few days ago.
  9. cantsleep

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    Got mine last week. I'm sure it's expensive for them to print and mail, but you gotta admit it's one nice catalog.
  10. Orlando

    Orlando Set The Hook!

    Friend of mine gets oner every year and I spend more there than he does and I havent ever recievd one. Who knows?
  11. I can't understand why cabelas/BPS continue to send catalogs out this way. Instead of laying folks off or cutting hours, they should reduce the catalog costs. It wouldn't be too hard - most folks use a computer - provide an 'opt-out' for catalogs that you aren't interested in. I don't hunt, although I get all of the hunting-related catalogs. This is a waste of money for the store since I never read them. For a computer-savvy user, why even send the big catalogs? The emails are enough and can be targeted to the user for fishing, hunting, marine, etc. I would provide a request for catalog shipment from the website for those ordering from the web.
  12. Whaler

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    I got mine awhile back. Whenever I get one I give it away. They send so many other catalogs of all kinds of hunting and fishing that it's easier to just look at them or get on the computer and look things up on their site.
  13. Ruminator

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    Hard bound catalog - I just got one too and was wondering whats up with this? I was going to post and ask later today.

    Are these hardbound catalogs collectable, or should I pitch it at the end of the year like usual?

    I get between 4-6 catalogs a year from Cabela's and order a couple small dollar things a year. Back 6-10 yrs ago I spent a lot of money with both Cabela's and BPS.
  14. I receive all kinds of seasonal paperback catalogs from then throughout the year. Once a few years back I received the hardback catalog but I don't recall that being a year that I spent much more than usual. In fact I probably spent more this past year than I have in many years. I think I probably spent over $400 in total through them. I would have thought that would buy me the catalog as well.:confused: It is neat to look at and the boys actually spend more time in it than I do. Really I don't mind that much that I didn't receive one. As was mentioned, I thought the same thing about how much money is spent on these things.:eek:
  15. PapawSmith

    PapawSmith Bud n Burgers

    We get them every year. I just figure it's because my wife spends a $hitload online with them.:) She buys fun crap for me and buys all our company shirts and jackets there. I think they're kind of nice books but they sure don't make us purchase more than we normally would.
    I agree with the idea that if it would save Cabela's jobs in this current economy than they should stop sending them.
  16. sauguy

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    since cabelas opened the wheeling distribution center, most orders arrive within 3-4 days, while bass pro usually takes longer.
  17. I get a variety of catalogs from Cabelas and it seems like I average one per week. At times it's waste of paper, but i like to have a few around for fishing/boating supplies. Can't figure out why the fall editions have no fishing gear.

    I get the hard cover edition every year as I order a few hundred dollars worth at least every year, plus a new boat last year.
  18. So you paid for everyone's catalog this year.:D
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  19. I have to tell you, I got a great deal on my boat from Cabelas. Of course, great boat deals are easy when you're in a deep recession.

    They owe me a hardback catalog though or I'll be calling.
  20. If you want to collect them, I'll send you mine $5 + shipping...It will be worth a bundle in 20 years. Kids will wonder what's a catalogue and you can show them how people shopped in the old days...:)