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  1. Any ever deal with Cabela's boat service in Dundee? Here is what I am running into. My 2006 Lowe has been recalled due to hull paint flaking away. Cabela's will get it to Lowe for me for the repainting as no charge. But they want the boat for 6 weeks which is fine. But what I have a problem with is they want it with nearly no fuel in it. I have one more fishing trip on my boat before I winterize it. I would usually fill the tank then for winter storage. I fear the an empty tank while they are repainting it will harm my boat. Any thoughts on what I should do? I have an email in to the Cabela's guys as well.
  2. IF Cabelas at Dundee is anything like Cabelas at Hammond, Indiana where I bought my Lowe in July, I would say they go out of their way to ensure total customer satisfaction. When I had a disconnected livewell fitting flood my new FM175DC, the service manager and technician came to Ohio to fix it within two days. They have gone out of their way to satisfy me on smaller issues as well (gas gauge, touch up paint). I have no experience with Lowe directly other than knowing Cabelas quickly consulted the factory about the livewell issue. Having to repainting is a significant quality problem. Let us ogf'ers know how the Lowe factory service works out.

    Having Cabelas ship your boat to Missouri sure beats having to do it yourself. An ogf'er with a Triton aluminum boat with cracks reported that he had to deliver his boat to the factory at his expense down south. Lowe or Cabelas already gets one gold star for service!

    For six weeks with little gas, I would personally add a full tanks worth of Stabil and not worry. If you can't sleep at night, you can always drain the tank entirely when you get the boat back. I thought I read where ethanol gas separates after months, not weeks, and probably under extreme weather changes during winter.

  3. I'd trust Cabelas as much as any other dealer. They have a rep to keep. Add a fuel stabilizer such as Seafoam or Stabil before your last need to fill the tank. Filling the tank is actually not recommended with todays unleaded fuel blends.

  4. Yeah norm..just throw some sea foam in there on your last trip and be worry free. Cabelas boat service is great..and they do an awesome job on outboard service as well.
  5. I had a Lund paint repair ...the dealer told me to drain the fuel tank ,,,or they would some thing about shipping or lund's shops requirements I don;t remember
  6. Thet just don't want alot of fuel in it because they will be working on it inside, probably something with insurance regs.
  7. The way the Cabela's guy described the process to me was that they will be taking my boat down to the metal. Lowe said it could be as early as four weeks. Lowe will repaint from the rail/lip down replacing with newer decals and all. I'm pretty excited that they are taking care of this at no charge. One problem I have is that there is about a half tank of gas in the boat. I only have one trip left before I winterize it. If I can't suck up all the fuel, then I dont know how I'm going to drain the remaining fuel let alone what I will put it in.
  8. I don't know were you tank is in your boat.My 16.5 Lund the tank is in the front we just put the lift jack all the way up pump the ball tight put a small screw driver in the end of the gas hose fitting and drain the gas into 5 gallon cans that we set on the bottom of the boat floor to keep the flow going.I got alot of water in my gas last year [bad vent] had to drain 12 gallons.
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    The strange thing is an empty tank can be more dangerous than a tank with fuel.