Cabelas Classic results

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  1. Nightprowler

    Nightprowler Crappie Hunter
    Ohio teams from Semi-Pro Division
    Place #16 Dave & Debby Gregory
    Place #27 Michael Walters, Richard A Solomon
    Place #47 Roger & Sue Simonson

    Ohio teams for Amateur Division
    Place #2 Allen Blake, Greg Nichols
    Place #25 Thomas E Nimrick (IL), Rober Williamson Jr (OH)
    Place #28 Mike Russell, Tim Clepper
    Place #47 Ronald Hollingsworth, B Hollingsworth (won the Buckeye Crappie Challenge on Caesars Creek this year with a weight of 3.88 for 8 fish)
    Place #48 Lawrence R Timmer, Katrin Vanderpool
    Place #65 Rick & Glenn Spence
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