cabelas cameras?

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    does anyone have this? and if so what do you think of it. (cabelas underwater camera, 5.5" screen)

    seems nice and $130 is relatively cheap for a camera. what do ya think? they have $30 off an order of 150 or more until the 17th.
  2. I bought my old man one of these a few years back. It broke right away, but they exchanged it no problem and he chose to upgrade to a Aqua View. I think the setup is actually made by Marcum so it should be quality we might have just had a freak bad camera. Either way if it doesn't work they will take it back no problem.

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    Hey Guys,

    I purchased a aqua view a couple of years ago to use at lake erie. Since we did not have great ice and i could not make it up when there was ice i have used it twice.

    I paid around 400 for it. I will let it go for $150. It is now discontinued model. It is the one that had a yellow round case that roles the cable inside of it.

    If you are interested please pm me.