Cabelas bargain cave...

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  1. .......should be called Cabelas broken, half missing, used, or discontinued for nearly full price cave. I like cabelas but that "bargain cave" is a joke.
  2. SwollenGoat

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    LOL, yeah I've never found much there in person to be impressed. However, in the online "cave" I've stumbled across a few good deals.

  3. 2talltim

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    went in there one time found a GPS out of box no papers dont remember the price but i picked it up carried it around went by the GPS display they had a simular one only $10 more full Price in box with papers and a CD rom....wal mart is the same way go to their clearance isle find $100 items for only $5 off they need to get a clue and learn what cut your losses really means
  4. What a coincidence. My father just called me fron dundee. They HAD 3 gallon jugs of Yamalube 2-M oil for 8 dollars each. Notice I said had:)
  5. only time i've ever gotten a "deal" out of the cave was once for a Shadow Grass insulated parka & bibs rain proof combo i use for goose/duck hunting

    and another insulated parka & bibs rain proof combo, which I use for cold weather fishing and ice fishing.

    each time i got the bibs and parka for the price of either just the parka or just the bibs, not sure which way it went.

    other than that, yea it's pretty much a joke
  6. shroomhunter

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    I was looking for a new rod for my Stradic and wanted a St. Croix Avid but didn't want to pay $160. After looking at different rods for an hour I decided to take a break and check out the cave. Well there on the rack sits a 6'8" ST. Croix Avid for $95, my decision was made. I have used it and caught plenty of fish with it already and it is a fine rod. I guess someone had received it as a gift and didn't like it. Most of the time though I don't find much there worth buying but once in awhile good fortune comes along.
  7. I'm with the rest of you. I saw a pair of returned boots that I wouldn't have given away for $125.00 bucks. If you know what you are looking for or catch it at the right time there are some deals. Usually the clothes I find in there are Small or Mediums, not big enough for a full figured guy like myself.;)
  8. I'll beat the onein Wheeling tomorrow, I'll let you know how I do.
  9. Since going public, the cave isn't close to what it was in the past. Now that they have to think about shareholders as much (or more than?) the customers, the bargins are harder to find. The club days promotions offered more bucks and giveaways for showing up. It was hard to keep under your budget at the cave - now, it's hard to find anything worth buying in there. Used and somewhat worn waders for 20% less than new in the box? Not good. We would travel to a Wisconsin store for the club days once a year to stock up.

    Like many of these outdoor stores (bass pro, gander, dicks...) they seem to be increasing the clothing and footware sections more than anything else. That's where they seem to be making most of their money.
  10. I was there today at Wheeling and I didn't see one thing in the bargain cave that I couldn't find elsewhere and at the same or even less price.
  11. I agree, bargain cave used to better few years ago. had better merchandise, better deals. Now its not worth my time & gas.
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    I found my Lowrance LMS 332C for a great price their 3 years ago. It was never opened up. I saved over 150.00 on it. Its hit and miss, you have to be there at the right time.