C J Smallmouth

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  1. Had about an hour to kill this morning so went bank fishing at C J. Fished over by the visitor center. Used a 3" black worm and caught a 15 1/2" smallmouth and a dink largemouth. Smallmouth was fat as a football :) Have pics but on the cell phone and can't download to computer. Going back tonight for hopefuly some more good fishing.....Dan
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    Just FYI....you can email them to yourself from your phone. Instead of putting in a phone # just use an email address and it will work, I do it all the time.

  3. LMRsmallmouth....Thanks for the info. I did try it and the phone said it was sent but haven't received anything on the computer. I probably did something wrong. Thanks again and I'll keep trying.....Dan
  4. Finally!! Not real big but a nice fish.
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    Nice fish, I would not mind catching a few of those...
  6. Nice! I've heard there are some nice smallies in that lake, but that's the first I've seen a photo of one. Congrats.
  7. was wondering how bad it was at the lake with the holiday. was thinkng of doing the nite fishing thing, anyone else going or has anyone caught anything?