C.J. Ice thickness?

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  1. anyone checked the thickness of the ice on the "main lake"? if its 4' or over i will be up sunday!
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    I doubt CJ has that much ice given it's size. And by Sunday down here, it defitally doesn't look good for our ice :(

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    went by the lake yesterday and the main lake looks like it still has about an inch over it less in spots, but the headwaters and around the marina has probably 2 inches and after last night Im sure there may have been another inch added to the whole lake.... low of -4 with -12 windchill
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    yeah I heard guys were fishing ON the ice in the marina
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    Marina ice is between 4.5 and 7 inches and in spots VERY clear. I fished all morning in about 4 spots in the Marina (walked the entire area). The main lake varies in thickness from 2.5 inches to about 5 inches in spots on the north end. Please dont try the main lake ice at this time. I've had many years of experience on CJ ice and am very familiar with the current and spring areas. I checked the north ice wearing a flotation device and had a friend as a spotter. Remember... there is no such thing as safe ice.....Oh the fish were biting well today, good mix of species with the largest fish being caught the first 3 hours of light.
  6. thanks everyone for the info! i would go up tomorrow but i would be alone so i think i will wait one more weekend and see if it gets any thicker. BTW, if you dont mind sharing, where are the general areas these "springs" are in so i know where to look out at? i would be fishing out from the campground area when and if i get up this winter.
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    The area around the campgrounds is one of the most dangerous areas. I have gone through the ice a few times in that area over the years. The problem is that area has 3 springs and a good amount of current. 2 springs are just north of the campground beach and another is about 100 yards southeast. The east shore also tends to warm up quicker. I will not be fishing the main lake yet. I will wait and test again if the weather stays cold. I will keep you informed on the thickness.
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    bump - Planning on a trip tomorrow.....

    Are we fishing out there?