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c j brown walleye 05/23/04

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by david11959, May 26, 2004.

  1. walleye fishing was good sunday
    got 6
    keepers about 19 to 20 in
    i was happy
    all on the humps jigging
  2. catking

    catking Banned

    Nice to see a thread in which somebody has solved CJ's walleye fishin :D Nice Going !!! THE CATKING !!! :)

  3. Nice job on the eyes. Does that lake get a lot of boat traffic? I have a small 12' v bottom boat that i have had on Deer Creek and other lakes but dont like being out in a lot of traffic
  4. twistertail - you've already missed your opportunity for peaceful fishing @ CJ. It's not bad at all until Memorial Day weekend. From this weekend on - forget about it until the water gets cool again. :(

    Another point - The bite REALLY seems to pick up at CJ when the wind starts blowing. I know I'm not the only guy who's noticed this - I've talked to Doc and others about this and they all agree. I've only got a 14 ft. tri-hull and I get run off the lake just when I start to have success.
  5. fshman_165

    fshman_165 CJ Eye Hunter

    I fish C.J. brown 5 days a week all year round, ice or open water. Open water walleye fishing at CJ does not require wind. During July and August we concentrate on water depths between 5 and 9 ft. We rarely catch fish under 4lbs during the dog days of summer. Hot, humid and calm days seem to be the best. I used to travel to erie to fish for big eyes, but about 10 years ago I figured out the pattern on CJ, and I have had no reason to leave my back yard.
    The fish relate to the creek channel that runs the length of the lake. They tend to move into the same areas at the same times, year after year.I live less than 2 miles from the lake, it is a FANTASTIC walleye lake and seems to be getting better every year. A lot of locals are pretty tight lipped about this lake,that is the reason you do not see alot of posts on this forum. I like giving out bits of info to help people out when they are on this lake. I have no problem answering
    pms and even meeting a few of you at the ramp and let you see for yourselves
    what a jewel of a lake it is. Right now there is an fantistic walleye, crappie and gill bite going. Wind sometimes helps in early and late spring, but ultimately, is not needed on this lake. I boated 27 eyes of varying lengths today from 9 am till 12:30 pm. I rarely keep fish to eat and if I do it is the average size, and just enough for a meal. :D :D :D :D
  6. Nice job fishman, sounds like you really got them eyes figured out. Sounds like there are some real nice ones over there.
  7. fshman 165

    i have always wanted to fish that lake, if i ever make it over there, maybe we can hook up sometime.....i have a friend that used to fish there alot in the summer and idd real well on harness' and i have been intrugued ever since....good job on the eyes....tony
  8. fshman - congrats on a tremendous day. I'd love a CJ Walleye lesson - I certainly need one :D I catch a few, do the best in the heat of July & August drifting a worm harness.
  9. Gobi Muncher

    Gobi Muncher mmmm.....tasty!

    Nice Job!! Also, as you said the crappie and the gills are ON! Last night, a friend and I caught a crappie or gill on just about every cast. We went through 50 waxies in less than 2 hours. The crappie were running small (around 8"), but still it is something pulling back :D The gills were monsters, could just get your hand around the back and belly and "squirting" as soon as they were out of the water. All fish were caught on the West side in 8-10 f.o.w. and released. They seemed to like the micro-tubes over the ice fishing jigs, no added weight, just let it sink and watch for the line to "jump" then it was ON!
  10. another good day hooked 4 walleye two 14 in and two 15in
    this has been the best year i have had in the three years of walleye fishing
    plan to go out monday
  11. tater


    FSHMAN 165 check your PM's.

  12. Heck of day fshman. You too David. Congrats. Any advice for a boatless bank-bound walleye lover?
  13. fshman_165

    fshman_165 CJ Eye Hunter

    PM me and I can help you.

    Fshman_165 :D :D :D