C.J. Brown today 5-25-07

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  1. What a day !! My daughter and I got out on the lake this morning about 5:30am ,was a little slow until around 7:00am . We were drowning nightcrawlers until then off of Campground point ? Picked up and moved across the lake to a small cove and it was on fire ! We caught crappies, walleye ,bluegill,catfish,white bass, shad on a jig and my first ever smallie in C.J. ?
    We had a blast , we kept one nice chanell cat and two very large bluegills that my daughter caught . The Cottonwood is just starting to fly on C.J. and you know what that means ? I will most likely try it again this weekend , what a morning !

    Keep fishin :D
  2. Chuck P.

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    Sounds like you two had a great day. Can't beat fishing with the kids.

  3. My daughter is 19 now , she does'nt have a lot of time to go fishing with the old man anymore , it was good to see her have so much fun !!

    Keep fishin":T
  4. Sounds like you had a great day :)

    We did fairly well too...Started later than you did, got out there around 8 and ran over by the dam and saw Bumblebee and his daughter, and they were already worn out from catching crappie by the time we got there.

    We fished most of the day, and ended up with a nice basket of crappie, white base and a couple of channel cats.

    Tonight around 8pm we were back over by the dam and really slammed the White bass for about an hour. We were in 20 feet of water and were coming up about 2 cranks from the bottom. We put about 25 in the basket all 10" plus and several were nice 15" fish.

    Glad to hear everyone had a fun day, now it's time to go put some lotion on my sunburn :)
  5. tosmokiee---We ended up with more than I would like to admit, I normally don't take that many fish out but we are having a party/fish fry for a returning soldier.

    Fear no fish--- we must have just missed you at the dock, Glad you had a great trip.
  6. Sounds like a good reason to take some fish, glad to hear he's made it back safely.

    We took quite a few as well, but this is only the second time this year that we've caught anything with any size to it. I've caught a ton of 7 - 8" crappie this year, but I just can't bring myself to keep them.

    Gonna go back out this evening and try it again, I just hope the weather holds up...
  7. Bumblebee, pretty good reason for taking some extra fish !! Keep the info. coming on here , I have to replace my trolling motor prop, broke it on Friday !
    Do you know if you need some special wrench to get that thing off?

    Keep fishin !
  8. typically, there is a hub on the mounting shaft that you can screw/uncscrew with your hand. At least that is what I've seen on minn kota's and motorguides. Good luck.
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    The prop on my Minnkota Power Drive comes right off with a 1/2 inch hex socket. Nothing to it.

    I was out this morning until just after noon. Flat calm this morning which picked up a bunch by 11:00. Had to put out the anchor for a while. That's something I rarely do. I got a nice 20" Walleye and 8 or so short fish. A couple of those were well over 14. I know of two other keepers caught this morning. It was encouraging that a lot more Walleyes were being caught and fewer "non-Walleyes." I'll be back out in the morning if it's not a washout.

    See you out there.

  10. Sounds like you had a nice morning :)

    I went back out last evening from 7 - 930 and was over by the dam in 20 feet of water. We caught whitebass, crappie and 1 walleye that was about 11 inches. We kept about 20 of the larger white bass (11" or above) and threw back 100+ others. Was nice to get into them like that....
  11. Actually last year I had to replace two props on my old boat. Basically you just unscrew it, install the pin then place the new prop on the hub and screw it down. Really a couple of minutes from start to finish. Good Luck