c.j. brown resevoir

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by FINN, Sep 27, 2007.

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    headed there tomorrow without a clue, im bringing some jigs with mainly goin to scope it out before i bring my boat. could anyone tell me if im past the walleye season or how my chances are. ive talked to dudes that say they only troll it and that seems to be the general consensus but id like to run it by you guys.

  2. there practically was no walleye season on cj this year. things never did get fired up, if you fishing from the bank to scope out cj before you bring your boat, chances are, you'll never come back. bank fishin from cj is TUFF! my opinion/experience of course.

  3. Your right Zach!!!!! Although I have heard of a few being caught here lately. Speaking of a boat--did you sell yours??
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    try the marina or boat launch for cats/crappie. walleye deff- a thumbs down ;(
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    walleye....CJ Brown has them things in it ??? really bad year for them this year, but the channels were doing pretty good last weekend around the boat ramps and the old pits
  6. if you just want to catch fish-watch your fish finder-crappie are everywhere-mostly small fish -throw a bait 10-15 ft.you will catch small ones-very seldom a nice fish.
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    hey 1catdaddy1 hows it been...havent heard from ya in a while.....went up to urbana not too long ago and caught 2 that would have gone about 7lb a piece.... but CJ has been doing good for channels here recently
  8. We've been having a lot of fun trolling - toss a couple of jigs and a vibe out there and enjoy the scenery :)