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Took my youngest daughter to C.J today. Actually, we just walked in the door.

Fished the marina with bass and crappie minnows from shore. The Crappie seemed to like the larger bass minnows and we caught right around 20 all together with 4 going close to a pound with one very small bass mixed in.

Lots of smaller fish but fish nonetheless. All were Crappie except that one dink of a largemouth.

I can't wait to net me some shad and hit C.J for catfish in the evening. They should be biting, some kid was there with his Dad using some sort of prepared blood catfish bait right by the boat docks.

Something took off with his line, he set the hook, pole doubled over and he fought this fish for about 20 seconds until his line snapped. We never seen the fish but the way it was fighting, it sure looked like a nice one.
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