C.E.I Eastlake (shad)having a feasst

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by kfish, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. Stopped down to look at the lake and the shad everywhere billons and billons etc. pic of the gulls having a feast.[​IMG]
  2. castmaster00

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    so do you think that that would send other fish besides steelies into a feeding frenzy?

  3. I've noticed that the more shad there, the worse the steelie bite is.
  4. there was a no treaspassing sign on the gate to the parking lot last time i was there in Jan.you couldn't even fish the wall much less take pics there.
  5. The sign is still there. I've heard of people trying to fish there and got kicked out.
  6. K gonefishin

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    It was the same way at 55th/72nd street when I stopped down there on sunday, it's a pretty unbelievable sight with all those gulls, crazy
  7. Sign is still up and people are still fishing.
  8. Fishaholic69

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    take the sign down!! booooo!!!
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    Last time I was there in early december the sign was up and there were 2 people sitting by a camper charging $4 a person. I have never seen or heard of that there. That was my last time ever at the CEI!
  10. The sign is still there but you can still fish.
  11. Does saying you can fish there mean that you are actually allowed or that they just don't kick you out (all of the time)?

  12. Well the cops will not bother you if there is no ice there.