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    im on the lake at 6am in my spot which happens to be a very small flat in open water with a marker bouy that im fishing toward with my boat maybe 35 ft off of it when at 730 some a**holes deside they dont like me fishing there or maybe im where they wanted to be at ?? come through trolling 5 ft off my bouy on the other side of where i am fishing with my 13 yr old son!!! where do these people come from?? is it too late for an abortion?? i will never again fish this lake on a weekend !! i see what weekends are made of and i dont want any part of it !!! i'll PROBABLY END UP IN JAIL!! the worst about it all was they were older guys mid 50's and mid 60's i thought people from that generation had some respect for a guy?? guess not!!!
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    No, We've been fishing the north pool (even close to shore) and we've been almost hit by those big hulled boats that never get very far out of the water even at speed and the drivers just look at you like they want to see if you're catching anything . Usually they're pulling tubers. Those kind of boats make big wakes! You're right as it seems like age doesn't matter --they never learn.


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    I have heard horror stories about the Dead Sea and that's one reason I'll put up with the barges and such on the Ohio River before those kind of folks @ CC. It's a arn shame that people like that have such a lack of respect.

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    Rocky Fork can be the same way. I had a tuber run right over my buoy marker the other weekend. I have seen it so many times that you just have to laugh now and pray they don't run into your boat because half of them never watch where they are going.
  5. i fish cc 2 or 3 times a week usually and it never fails every time i am there i see one ot two boats go flying thru the no wake zone there ay wellmen. this spring i called the warden on one boat he went bu me and my son and rocked us pretty hard and then laughed as he went by. i watched for an hour or so for the warden to come like he said he would but never showed.. but the sure dont have any trouble looking in my livewell for short crappie. and i did get checked 2 times in one day!!!..
  6. CC is bad about the 50 to 60 year old bunch of old farts
  7. I hate that! I even slow down in the open areas for fisherman, downed skiier, etc. I used to have a smaller boat and know what its like to be rocked, so I try not to be "that guy"

    I've seen too many idiots just fly through like they are the only ones on the lake.

    A few weeks ago, I slowed down as I came up on a boat working to get to a downed tuber. Some idiot not only kept in the throttle, but he went around me, between me and the tubing boat!

    It's a miracle more people don't get hurt out there.
  8. CC is thick with bad boaters, I have the same trouble when I go there
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    CC and bad boaters - Oh heck yes.
    For some reason, big ski boats and pleasure boats (not all of them) seem to think that I want to get a close up look at their boats I guess. They come within 50 feet of me while I'm fishing. The current restriction/law is that you don't come within 400 feet of the bank. Now that might be a little difficult at CC at times but....

    As for slowing down when approaching other boats, don't slow down too much because you will make a much bigger wake.

    Most people have enough sense to operate their boat in a safe manner but for some reason, CC seems to draw the most dumb a$$- rude- unsafe - you name it boaters I've ever witnessed.

    As for the park ranger/warden - where the heck are these people when you need them? The ranger/warden needs to get out on that lake on a regular basis and stop these crazy people from putting everyone at risk.
    They need to fix the dam(n) roads over there also. Coming into welmmans ramp will loosen up a bunch of bolts on your boat/trailer. It's been that way for years. They also need to have someone direct traffic at that ramp. There are some rude and impatient people coming in and out of there. Notice the signs that say no parking anytime. Yet you see half the people park there and get their boats ready. Go to the dang parking lot and get your act together before clogging up the dang ramps people.

    Hey, what was wrong with the sailboat ramp? was it deteriorating? The last time I was over there it looked fine to me. They should have taken that money and invested in some courtesy docks where you can park your boat when you need to get your truck/trailer.

    CC is a mess, especially on the weekend. I simply don't go there on the weekend any longer cause you're putting your life at risk.

    What we OGF'ers need to do is call the park ranger office and ask that they get someone out on the lake and force people to operate their boats safely. They should force these people off the lake when they act like a dumb a$$.
    Call 513-932-4080 for CC state park.
    Call 937-323-1582 for the division of watercraft office.
    I just talked to them and they said that since 2000, they have lost funds and they are spread pretty thin. I think they said they have to enforce 5 separate lakes.
    I'll post another thread with these numbers so that we can all find it in the future. I suggest you add the above numbers to your cell phone in case you need to call. Get their boat numbers if you see someone operating in an unsafe manner. If your cell phone is capable of capturing video or photo's, it would be a good idea to capture some evidence.
    They did say that they would dispatch someone if they were called. the 932-4080 number will dispatch a local park ranger or a sheriff. As for the watercraft number, everyone needs to call them and politely request that they show their presence more often. Because this is getting ridiculous.
    One more thing. I kinda bashed the ski boats/pleasure boats at the beginning of this post. Last week I was putting in at wellmans. There were three young guys in a white/black/green pin stripe ski boat at the ramp. They helped me hold my boat and were very nice and they actually had some manners. Kudos to their parents for raising them to show respect and thanks to those youngsters, they had their act together. It's easy to lump all of those people into one bad group but some of them actually do have some sense and respect for others.
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    So I'm fishing this bank at 2am in the morning. These two boats with a generator and enough lights to look like the sun pass me and go about 250 feet past me and start fishing in same direction I'm going. There weren't a lot of boats out that late but no real biggie because they left me enough room to fish that bank I was on.
    So I finish fishing that bank and moved to another bank.
    5 minutes later, here comes the two boats again, about 300 feet down from me and fishing the same direction again.
    I know I don't own the lake but that was not right and I wouldn't do this to someone. I would have at least moved down more if I had that much lake to fish. I think that most fishermen would also move out a little further but I guess not.
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    Fletch...You say two boats? Could you give me a description of them? I'd just about gaurentee they were bowfishing for carp....I may know them and wouldn't mind finding out who it was...Suprised that two boats bowfishing would stick together though but I can't think of another reason for them to have a genny and lights.
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    I'd like to try some of that carp bowhunting myself. I've seen some other guys doing it and it looked like fun. Nice web site www.aimlowproductions.com !

    My eyes aren't what they used to be but they looked like 16 or 17 foot aluminum boats. I didn't notice any colors or anything. It looked like two people in each boat.
    They stayed right together the entire time, one right behind the other.
    They gave me plenty of room and maybe it's just me, but I would have moved on down the bank a little further.