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" C C Report of 9/06/07"

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by taxiecab, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. We started fishing about 430 pm and stopped at about 830 pm just as it got dark. We caught crappie from 91/2 to 12" and saugeye from 13"to 161/2" and we also caught some nice perch and one ky soptted bass. They were in 17 to 19 fow and the surface temp was a warm 82 degrees. We were using night crawlers bouncing on the bottom and minnows fished just off the bottom. The bite was slow but we did catch 8 real nice black crappie and they are so thick that they won't fit into the plastic measure we use to ck length.

    I think the 9" size limit is starting to pay off big time now. We have been catching some of the nicest crappie that we have seen there in years now. They are very chuncky and there are more over 10" than under.

    I still say this is one of the better lakes around here boat traffic and all but it will take you awhile to learn it and the number one thing you will need is PATIENCE and to follow the major feed periods and have some good electronics. Most of the guys who fish with me say that few people have the patience to spend the time to try and figure it all out. There are no short cuts and it has taken me years to learn just some of them.

    This fall this will be a very good lake for crappie and some nice eyes too. You will never catch any thing with a dry line guys.