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C C lake report for 9/09/04 thursday

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by taxiecab, Sep 9, 2004.

  1. The surface temp at 230 pm today was 75 degrees down from 77 on tuesday. The lake level is normal and the lake is clear down to about 6ft. I think the clear water has effected the crappie and how deep they have been holding.
    Today we were getting them in structure from about 28ft up to 17 ft. and they were tight to the structure too. You have to put your minnow right down to the bottm of the structure and crank it up until you get a hit. Most of them were at 3 to 5 cranks off the bottom until the sun poped out in the late afternoon. Than they seemed to melt away and were fewer and fewer.
    It appears most all of ours are the black crappie and our 10" to 11 " and of good weight. There are a lot of schools of small shad running on the surface too which can take away from you bait. The crappie fishing will only get better as we go thru the fall season.
    There were about 40 trailers in the parking lot of Wellmans Meadows.

    We kept 12 crappie all over 10".
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    thanks for the report!