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C C Lake Report 6/3/04

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by taxiecab, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. The lake level is about 1ft above summer pool, surface temp at 10am was70.9 degrees and the water is muddy to cloudy with some visibility of about 14".
    We found the crappie supended in 30ft of water ar the depths of 6 to 10ft. they were mostly small less than 9" with 3 over 10". The bite was slow and the fish were few.
    My educated guess is that the spawn is all but over and the big females have moved back into the deeper waters. All of the weather fronts have them scattered and it will take some time for the water to clear and the fish to form up again.
    Opps for the day. When your day starts off bad and goes down hill form there it can get to be a very bad day. When we set up at our 1st place and I put my pole over the side and set it at about 10ft and just as I turned to get the 2nd one ready I sawthe 1st one bend to the water and in the next instant it was gone over the side and out of site. So if you find a fish with a Shakespear rod and reel attached to him the rod and reel our mine. I just bought the rod and reel this spring. Than when the electric anchors would not come up I saw that the battery was dying. It is the big one that runs all of the electronics too. So now I need a new battery and another rod and reel.Maybe I just should have stayed home today. {wink} Not a chance.

    Larry where were you when I needed you LOL.
  2. Ditto on the Dead Sea. Hit the water around 3:30 pm. Water temperature was around 77. Hat a few small crappie and white bass. Had a few more hits but they were hitting short or all very small. Water was muddy on the whole lake. All in all it was still a good day to be out. Plenty of sun, birds and the humm of the outboard.

  3. I might have snagged it....sounds you know just what kind of fish it was and how big it was? That would help me tell if I have your pole or someone elses.....

    By the way, that was a great report on the lake. And yes, I am pulling your leg about the pole! Sorry to hear about the new pole. But at least it was a fish. Where were you fishing? I may be going down this weekend... I hope early saturday, or under the moon saturday night. I'll probably fish the mountain edges in the dam cove. That is, if my fish finder is working.
    I once lost a whole basket of slabs - I threw it in and forgot to tie it on. I put on a treble rig and snagged that puppy in less than 15 minutes. Got smiles from the old man and the ball and chain (wife :p ).

    AEFISHING Crappie Freak

    Went to CC yesterday and had a rough time locating the crappie. The saugeye seemed to like my minnows more than the crappie. The water level is way down from a week ago. The pleasure boats were in full force yesterday. I didn't see many fish caught all day. It was a great weather day. :) If anyone is doing any better let me know.