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C C A Report of the Dead Sea 9/07/04

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by taxiecab, Sep 8, 2004.

  1. This past august when it got real hot I just stopped fishing due to the excessive heat on the lake in the day time.

    I am going to make a prediction about this great lake. I have been on it twice in the past 2 weeks. The first trip we kept 5 real nice crappies. the 2nd trip we kept 13 real nice crappies. All of them were from 10" to 11" and were really healthy and fat. I got some of the biggest fillets I have ever gotten from the crappie there. They looked like Lake Okachobee crappie. I am going to predict that this lake with the 9" size limit will become one of our better crappie lakes in Ohio. Now if we could just get them to raise that size limit to 10" we would really have some nice crappie fishing.

    The past two trips to C C I have seen the cleanest and clearest water I have ever seen there on the lake. I don't know the cause or the reason but it has been clear up to 5 or 6 ft deep. I am seeing structure that i have only seen on the depth finder in the past. So who knows this may be one of our best lakes down the road. It will always be one of the toughest to fish do to boat traffic and fishing pressure, depth of water and the water clearity. If you have given up on the "Dead sea" maybe you should give it another shot.
  2. Thats alright they don't have to fish it. Leave more dead sea area for us to fish.....

  3. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    Godd thing Joe P. doesn't see you calling it the Dead Sea !! :confused:
    He used to take offense at that :rolleyes:
  4. itroll2

    itroll2 fishin IS heaven on earth

    speakin of joe, where has he been, surely he found this site by now. if not someone needs to hook him up. he used 2 give some dandy reports on cc.
  5. I thought taxiecab was Joe P. :confused: :confused:
  6. was hoping that I could catch a ride and we could exchange ideas on the crappie fishing at CC lake. You and I both know it isn't the dead sea.

    I agree that the lake has made a tremendous turn around. The water clarity is very good and the crappie fishing has been fantanstic. I only hope that the muskie turn on in the up comming years and that the ODNR continues it's efforts to support muskie fishing there.

    The saugeye fishing is OK. I just can't seem to spend enough time on the water to get the really big hawgs to hit. Still, I get a fair share of sandwich sized fillets.

    I have seen several small bass in the 3 to 8 inch range and I am also hoping that these fish benefit from the hudge minnow and shad hatchings with the increase in water calrity.

    I think the lake could even support some lake trout with it's deep water.
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    Taxi, Taxi.....:D :D hehehee :) It's dead...see ?? :rolleyes:Say it ain't so , Joe.
    Is there no size limit on saugeyes yet? I get confused , I know IN put a 14" or 15" limit on walleyes there, I bet a 15" limit on all "eyes" would give you a few hog size fish.
  8. The "Dead Sea" belongs to me so I can call it what ever I like. I only say this in fun as it belongs to us all and is far from the dead sea.

    I was on the lake 3 days this week and did well every day out. we are catching mostly the big black crappies all from 10" to 11" but on friday I got one that was 113/4" and when I tried to put him back he came up to the top and rolled over and tried to die. I tried every thng to revie him but could not.He was taken out of 30' of water so he went into the bends and could not get back down. We kept him rather than waste him but it killed me to do so.We found the whtie crappie in the north pool area feeding on large schools of shad and were in 20' of water. they were mostly small but we did get 3 that were over 10".
    Pendragon: we did see one small Tiger muskie on the surface but he looked like he was lost. He was about 8" long and was looking for something to eat his size. With all of the shad in the lake and it looks like they had a real good hatch of l m bass this year too. I think things are looking up for this lake.
    The real clear water has driven some of the fish into the deepeer water now. The north pool water is a little more cloudy than the south so the north would be more productive now I believe.
    The surface temp had stayed about 72 to 77 degrees and will soon start to cool off for the fall turn over. I will be on the lake 2 or 3 times a week now so I hope to see some of you out there. It is hell to be retired. You never get a day off and have to go fishing sooo much. God Bless America :)
  9. Dead Sea--thats What The Ex Wife Called Our Water Bed....
  10. Went to CC today (9-12-04). On the water at 7:00 am and off by 10:00 am. Trolled with hot-n-tots over 20 - 40 ft shelves, hit the saddle in the south pool and then threw some slip bobbers at wood. Water temp was 75 and there were several fisherman on the water. Water clarity was good as reported earlier in this thread.
    6 crappie 10 - 11 inch
    several (did not keep count) SM and Spot. These were caught on the slip bobbers with minnows in the wood. Depth of wood did not matter but you had to stay away so the slip bobbers worked much better than the crappie poles.

    Still amazed by the size and quality of the crappie in this lake.

    LOVE IT!!!!!!

    All praise to the ODNR on this one.

    Fish on!!!!!!!!!