C C 9/17/08

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  1. I fished C C yesterday and kept 3 crappie. The biggest was 13" and was 1lb 2oz's. They are deep in strucutre or on the drop offs. tTwo weeks ago all the fish we caught were very warm to the touch but the last two weeks they have all been very cold to the touch like that have moved to the deeper water from the storms and winds.
    The lake level is down about a foot and is a little murky but not real bad and the surface temp is 73 degrees which is what it has been for a couple of weeks now, the surface temp will go from 73 in the am to 76 in the pm.
    I think the 9" limit on the crappie is going to pay off big now as we are getting a lot of 12" crappie now and there seems to be a good supply of all sizes of crappie from small to big.

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  2. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Nice slab! Makes me want to unthaw some fillets I have in the freezer!!

  3. LOL To "UNTHAW" is to freeze! unless you like a crappie popsicle i would reccomend just thawing..hehehe the Chef in me couldnt resist...sorry

    fresh or frozen thats a nice fish!:p :)