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  1. Anyone have the CR license? I was just told that for 30 dollars for 3 years this license allows you to buy and recieve Curios and Relics like SKS rifles without using an FFL.

    They also said you can buy many guns like SKS for great prices because now you can buy wholesale.

    I see the application for the license and it does cost 30 for 3 years, but can anyone vouch for the benefits of this. I do not buy many guns, but I am about to pay 25 to transfer a recent purchase and would be more likely to buy more if you can find good discounts as wholesale.

    Any info is appreciated
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    I have had one for a few years. Yes it will save you money but you end up spending more! Places like Midway USA ,and Brownells with also give you discounts with the license. They sell gun parts, supplies etc. You sre required to keep a record of all purchases, its no big deal. This is not a license to deal in foreams but a collectors license.
    It does allow you to have firearms that are C&R status shipped directly to you, generally anything over 50 years old

  3. I requested my applications from the atf because I guess you cannot download them anymore. For 30 dollars, its not a bad deal. I just spent that on getting my SKS transfered to an FFl, when I could of had it sent to me if I had a CR.

    I see a lot of guns that are priced well like the nagant and such, availible on the CR too.

    I will spend more money...you're right.
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    Mine took about three months to get here. Some get them in several weeks. When you get your license run off a bunch of copies and put the original unsigned license in a safe place. Then sign the copies you made and send to to different companies. Southern Ohio Guns,Aim Surplus, etc and ask to be put on their mailing list