Bye,Bye Barry!

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by H2O Mellon, Nov 15, 2007.

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    Well, it looks like Barry will be going down. He's been indicted on federal perjury and obstruction of justice charges.
  2. The nightly news is saying that this is a dark day for baseball. I think today is quite the opposite. Barry was not retained by the giants because they probably had a good idea that this day was coming. At least they waited until he got the record, they got the attendance, and he went away.

    The A-rod story is great as well. He turns down the rest of the contract with the yankees since his "super agent" thinks there's more money on the open market. Now, he finally comes to his senses to see that this isn't the case, and his best situation is to be paid by the richest team in baseball playing next to a future hall of famer. Going back to the yankees without including his agent is a great move, making the 'new Steinbrenners' look like good guys after letting Torre go.

    The interesting timing of the events is that the guy who will overtake the 'tarnished' record from Bonds made the right decision for him, screwing his agent a bit along the way. All he has to say is "I looked elsewhere and NY was the best thing around", and the fans will forgive the past few weeks.

    Barry is done. No team, charges pending. Nobody will take a chance on him now, unless the Oakland raiders run a baseball team.

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    You have to sleep in the bed you make... looks like his bed may be a little lumpy for a few years.
  4. It was just a matter of time, Took 4 years but what a stupid ass...
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    I was watching ESPN around 5:30-6 PM while Steven A. Smith called in. He was going nuts and blamed this on gues what..... Bonds being black. :eek: He said that McGwire was allowed to retire in peace but baseball and the feds are going after Bonds in a large part because of his skin color. Silly me...... I thought it was becasue Bonds lied to the feds about taking illegal substances. :confused: ;)


    hopefully barry bonds sleeps on his back and not on his stomach lol
  7. Go figure...What a bunch of crap...Its rediculous how alot of black people think that the world owes em something...Theres a channel on Tv called BET, Black Entertainment Television...IF there was a WET there would be a huge crap stink about it...I too thought it was cause he lied to Feds, guess we wre wrong...:S

  8. Almost every baseball guru out there says that nobody will touch him(meaning GMs) alot of legal analyst are also saying that he probably wont do any time either and if he does it will be very light, I just wish this whole Bonds/Baseball growth hormone thing would go away..its bad for the game and the subject has been beat to death.
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    Couldn't have happened to a classier guy!!:p
  10. SmallmouthCrazy is right that this thing needs to be put to rest. It is such a serious black eye to baseball and I am not referring to only Bonds or the select few that have been singled out recently. All of MLB suffers from it and MLB players and owners are not without fault in the whole debacle. They chose to ignore it for so many years and now they are paying the price.
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    Awww.... sweep it under the rug. Nice touch.
    Meanwhile thousands of teenage athletes take in the stuff.
    It's what they have to do to compete. So they think.

    Lyle Alzado is screaming from his grave.
  12. I didn't mean put it to rest as if it never happened and condone the steroid use. I am not sure if it came across that way but I think everyone needs to recognize it as a dark era for baseball and move forward. Barry should get what he deserves although it will probably be something less than that. They have the drug testing in place now (or hopefully they do) to keep it in check. If not then continue to work on the testing. The more that the kids see that the testing nails guys then they will opt to stay clean. It is a lot less tempting to take roids if they are competing for the most part with guys who are clean as well.

    I know that is getting away from the original topic a bit but I tend to do that at times.:p

    Bottom line is that Barry will get something out of this but his fame and money will see to it that he gets off very lightly. It is his image that will be forever tarnished.
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    I think that the biggest turd in pro sports just got stepped upon............

    Hurray for the feds, lets see if they can scoop that stinker up and put him in the garbage................:D !% ;)
  14. What I meant when I said put it to rest is that we should stop dragging our feet on this, start busting guys snarklies, let them know your going to be tested, if you come back hot there will be dire consequences, amen and please pass the salt, there are just certain subjects you tire of hearing about, maybe since the Media was all over the Bonds thing again last year when he was going after Aaron it got old on me:) hopefully once Bonds is done(which it looks like he might be) this thing will die and it wont be sandwiched on the news everynight between the elections, Iraq and soaring gas prices.
  15. I don't see it as a bad day for baseball...more like it was time to take the trash out! Now we'll see how long it takes ol' Bud to declare Barry ineligible for the Hall of Fame.
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    From what I understand, this investigation cost upwards of 30 million dollars and took a few years to complete. The pending charges are a class 4 Felony which I beleive is the lowest possible for that level.
    Does anyone see the logic in that...:confused:
    It's very similar to the recent investigation in to the demise of Princess Diana, which cost only 10 million over a few months...!

    Oh Yeah, the outcome in the latter turned out to be the same...!
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    Hook, your right. It's all BS. I also have to wonder, WHY KNOW? Could it have been that they wanted to wait until after the home run record was broken? I mean let's face it, contraversity creates cash, right? The record chase also put butts in seats and landed people in front of their TV's watching the chase.

  18. I wondered the same thing, whether MLB was able to prolong it long enough to reap the benefits of his record chase. After all these are not charges for anything that happened recently.
  19. I heard that a perk in A-Rods new contract lets him share in the profits when he starts to chase Bonds, most people feel that he will considering how many HRs he has now and his age.