BWS - Co-Angler needed.

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by Tom Uber, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. I am planning on fishing the ABA - Bassmaster Weekend Series as a boater. I am looking a non-boater to link with.

    I plan on practicing at least the two days prior to each event, and you would be welcome to share the boat while practicing and split lodging expenses.

    Shoot me an email at: if you are interested.



  2. Hey Tom!

    Email sent!
  3. Man, Ya take a couple of seasons off...and boom...ya lose your spot in the back of your buddies boat...LOL. J/K buddy.

    For those of you that don't know Tom.....You could not ask for a better practice partner. Bring a notebook, chances are pretty good you will learn a few things.....I might be biased because we cashed a few checks in the past.....but that aside....always a fun day on the water.

    How is the dog buddy?

  4. Thanks for the praise. I saw you barely made it into Madness. Good luck with that. One of these years we are going to have to fish that event together.

    The dog is good. We went for a 2 mile hike yesterday and first thing he did when getting home was woof down his entire bowl of food and burp. I don't know where he learned

    Thanks for all the replies. I think I found my link. To those that replied, keep in touch and maybe we can share a day on the water this year.

  5. i am 23 years old fished my hole life.i would love to start fishing bass tourniments.i have a boat but just to small for all the big lakes.would like to find someone that has a boat to fish with.i want to learn more i can fish and am pretty good but i would love to learn the tricks of the vetrans.if anyone has some imfo it would be helpfull