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Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by EYE1, Sep 11, 2004.

  1. EYE1


    We just got back from fishing the boundary waters in minnesota,and what a trip it was.We started in at mudro lake,canoed the first day 8hrs second day 8hrs until we got to Crooked Lake excellent fishing,big northerns,smallies,walleyes.We got up to thursday and friday bay and it was the same great fishing.We had to chase a black bear away twice and that was interesting,we saw moose,eagles,wolves all kinds of stuff.It was a 10 day trip that will be 2 weeks next year.I posted back in april and i may have posted it at gofishohio ssshhhh but I talked about how good the fishing was up there and I had one fella tellin me that fishing was better in lake erie,there is no comparison,the bw is the place and if ya ever get a chance to go you will love it.We went through Vnorth outfitters in Ely.
  2. - I agree awesome place to fish. Out of curiosity sake, the bear runs-in you had, was it at the campsite located just east of the mouth of Saturday Bay? I had problems with Bears on the route both time I traveled it.