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  1. striperfreak

    striperfreak stripes and smallies

    fished yesterday fro 3-7p.m total count was 17 smallmouth most between 10 and 12 inches, 2 largest around 14 inches. most were caught on the buzzbait, but i missed at least 15 fish that hit, a few of them were were big uns, very frustrating but the buzzbait was getting strikes when other lures were ignored. yes i was using a trailer hook. i was getting strikes in areas that i never caught fish.any tips on increasing the hookups?
  2. Were they "on" and then came unbuttoned, or did they just blow up at the bait and never hook up?

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    Might try using a smaller buzzbait that can stay in the strike zone longer.
    I like theTerminator TINY BUZZ. it is 1/8oz. and rises quickly and you can mover it slowley. Also like the strike king tri buzz.
  4. From my past experence with top water fishing for bass, be it smallies or largemouth, Dont Set The Hook till you Feel The Fish. I know that it hard to do,espeicaly when they are hitting good, but some times you get so jacked up when gettin a lot of hits that you may have been jerking before the fish had the bait good. Nothin like smallies on top water. GOOD LUCK
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    I agree with Buckeye Mike, but I also like to use a 6ft 6in med Hvy rod (or longer) with braided line. This will aid in better topwater hookups since it does not stretch. It will also allow you to get the lure to the surface faster. Just lift up the rod tip. I like a baitcaster, but spinning outfits work just fine too. Give it a try you will be surprised how much easier it is to fish topwater.
  6. I don't know if I understand why a smaller buzzbait would stay in the strike zone longer. I've always considered the "bouyancy" of a buzzbait to be a function of the blade design more than the size of the lure itself. i.e. three blade buzzers are more bouyant than two blade buzzers.
    There's definately something to the retrieve speed thing....sometimes faster is better than slower and visa versa....
    Twin tri-wing blades stay on top very nicely without much speed, but I wouldn't necessarilty size down to slow down.

    As far as the missed strikes, sounds alot like typical buzzbait fishing to me. next time maybe try switching to a spook with trebles and see if you stil get as many hits.
  7. striperfreak

    striperfreak stripes and smallies

    i was using a 1/8 oz buzzer, most of the time they blew on it and missed sometimes came unbuttoned, sometimes i got a little too ancy and set hook too soon, im really going to try waiting til i feel the fish but man that can be tough, theres nothing like a buzzbait bite, im going to try again this weekend, thanks for the tips.....
  8. About hook ups on buzzers:)
    this is the way I teach my grand kids
    and any other person who wants more hook ups.

    Waite for the weight. :D

    in other words, dont set the hook til you
    feel the weight of the fish.

    works for us..........................

    capt Hook
  9. For the unbuttoning, there's a lure out there made by McGuinness fishing called Leverage. There's spinnerbaits and buzzbaits. They have a flexible hook system, hard to describe, but it reduces the fishes ability to throw the hook.
    Turns out that maybe Booyah has bought these guys out and started incorporating the "Leverage Flexible Hook System" into some of their buzzers.

    On a side note, don't skip over the advise that included a stiff rod. Most guys I know that have an issue with fish coming unbuttoned, it's a result of the rod not being stiff enough and/or line too stretchy to set the hook properly the first time.
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    Fished with an above average tourney man on Alum several years ago in a federation regional (he ended up winning it). Don had found good largemouth up Big Run in the backs of small coves eating buzz baits. His third keeper was a good one (big fish for the day) that I watched clear the water and come down on his buzz in a flurry...I think I set the hook on my spinner just from reflex. After sliding it into the livewell I asked him how he kept his composer after such an explosive strike from a big fish. He said it was easy because he wasn't watching for the strike...

    The man actually looked away from his retrieve by design.

    I took that lesson to heart, and whenever fishing topwater doesn't require precision guidence of the offering...I watch for dragon flies.

    It improved my hook-ups considerably.
  11. striperfreak

    striperfreak stripes and smallies

    yep the wait until u feel works, i still am missing some but catching more. i was out sunday and got a estimated 20 incher, estimated because my measuring stick was a diet coke can, which i found out later is 5 inches. went out on wed to a new location and caught 20 in 2 hours one 18 and 2 15 inchers. the buzzbait is a big bass bait. i had one swirl 3 times that was a monster but never hooked him, threw out other baits and no response. also with the buzz i am catching fish in area s i always considered too shallow that i have not got them before. my last two trips have been great. on that 20 incher i believe i caught him in june, it was 50 yuards upstream and he had one bad eye that gave it away. he was much fatter in the spring. going out this weekend if anyone is intersted, i will at least point in the right direction.