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buzz bait question

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by HaroldtheMeek, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. Tried a buzz bait this morning just for fun, and had three fish hit it.
    Missed all three. I think Im going to have to pursue this buzz bait thing because two of the fish that hit it left huge swirls on the surface of the river.
    After I missed the second big one, i tied on a treble hook for a stinger, and of course got no more hits after i did.
    Is there some secret to hooking bass on these things?
  2. Always use a trailer hook and don't set the hook untill you feel the weight of the fish.(easier said then done )

  3. Bassnpro1

    Bassnpro1 OSU outdoorsman

    Try adding a trailer hook to the buzzbait. It will pick up more fish, but also make it snaga alittle more if you are throwing in heavy cover.

    Another big thing is to keep reeling until you feel the weight of the fish, then set the hook. DO NOT set the hook as soon as you see the blowup.
  4. williamonica0214 and bassnpro1 are correct, trailer hook and be patient on setting the hook, most of the time when the bass boils up on top water lures there mainly trying to disable there prey, while at the same time trying to eat it, so not all the time do they get it in there mouth, also on a side note make a few more casts to the same area and if that dont work throw something else at them alot of times when there striking buzzbaits there in feeding mode and aggressive and with a presentation of another type of lure that might trigger them to strike again.
  5. agree with bassattacker. I usually have another pole rigged up because I miss a lot with buzzbaits. After I miss I usually throw something else with an easier hookset and most of the time they will hit.
  6. Yep, keep a weightless Senko rigged up on another rod and use it as a follow up bait. Especially in a river.
  7. I actually dont know how effective trailer hooks are.... i have about the same hook up ratio with or with out them.. i personally get less bites with the trailer hooks.... the bass will sometimes jsut swip at the bait with no intention of eating it... it if nerve wrecking but it comes with the bait. if they want to eat it, they will take just have to make sure your reflexes arent faster than the fish....basically let it eat the bait before setting the hook...

    i rarely use trailer hooks
  8. You can also try speeding it up or barely rolling it... Sometimes they will strike more aggressive with a different retrieve. Or even keeping it below the surface and wake it. You really need to experiment daily. Lastly, I have drilled a tiny hole in the lead of the bait, insert a screw post,like the one you'll find on some prop baits that hold the back hook.. Attach it to the bottom of the bait and this will sometimes catch the swipers!!!!
  9. i agree with the stinger hook. i love using a hoola popper in the early mornings, my hook rate went up after i started using a stinger.
  10. Wait until you feel the weight of the fish eh?
    I kinda get an itchy trigger finger but ill give it a shot.
    Even though I didnt get a hookup,its still a rush to see them boil up like that, and I think Ive found where a big one lives.
    Thanks for the input, and if anyone has a thought on which color river smallmouth seem to prefer in a buzzbait it would be appreciated.
  11. SConner

    SConner Fish Whisperer

    Try chartruse or white.
  12. I agree with 1badmthrfisher with the fact that I've tried the trailer hooks too and they provided no better results. I actually snagged a dink in the side that sideswiped at the bait. Bummer.
    I think you just have to realize that it's a bait that the bass are going to hit so aggressively and miss quite a bit. It's not always your fault. All the other suggestions are right on IMO.
    I think the only secret is practice, practice, practice. Some folks say not to look at the bait during retrieve. That way, you'll only set when you feel the fish. I'm not able to do that. I love to watch the hit.
    Have fun,
  13. Red The Fisherman

    Red The Fisherman River Rambler

    Something that has been missed here is Harold, you said you are on the river. When fishing a buzz bait for smallmouth you have to wait even longer than if you were hitting largemouth in a lake. Smallmouth attack there prey in different way. I would use a smaller bright colored buzz, with a trailer hook (why not, it can only help). As far as going back with another bait, not a bad idea but I would go back with a slower retrieve with the same Buzz bait. Annoy the piss out of that fish, if it's in feeding mode you'll get 'em!!! Don't give up on top water there is nothing better than landing a pig on a buzz and watchin' him do some arial acrobatics! Patience is the key!
    P.S. If you use a jitterbug in the current, use a larger one, it works better.
  14. Never had much luck with a trailer hook as well! You do have to "feel" them on though, don't want to prematurely set the hook or jerk the rod back at a strike.....happened to me many of times, even though I have fished with a buzz for many years.....I have found white and black work best for me on local rivers......depends on water conditions too but black a better color early am or evening (lower light), for me thing I can say is that I usually have another pole rigged up with a small grub on it....anytime you keep missing them, it seems like if you follow up with a soft plastic such as a grub they will eat it up! (literally) I got that tip out of BASSIN magazine in 1994 when I was really getting in to fishing in high school. I tried it out and have not gone away from it since! Thanks.
  15. I don't fish them much, just because I have so much success with other lures. They are fun. My dad fished them all the time when he was alive, I'm sure it was his favorite lure.

    Anyway, I saw an interesting article in Bass Master magazine where one of the pro's (can't remember who) would cut the buzz bait apart between the stem and the weight. He would then make an eye on each part of the wire that he had cut, 1 verticle and 1 horizontal and then he would put the buzzbait back together. He claimed that it allowed the weight and hook to travel lower in the water and that this would cause him to get more hook ups. It's an interesting thought but I have never tried it. If anyone is interested I can try to find the article.
  16. I fish a ton of buzzbaits, I always use the strike king red trailer hooks, I have switched to a Secret weapon buzzbait and my hook ups have increased by about 50%. They have a much better design than any buzzbait I have fished, they also have a spinnerbait blade that tags behind the buzzbait blade, when you kill thr retireve the blade just freefalls slowly, it almost eliminated the fish that would just swirl, if they swirled and missed they almost immediately came back and blasted the buzzbait as I let it fall. My theory is the blade freefalling might resemble exactly what the fish wanted, an injured baitfish that just got the common sense knocked out of it. Either way, i stopped throwing every other buzzbait but them, with the exception of a strike king chartreuse blade buzzbait. That thing just slays fish on a sunny day. I have no affiliation with SWLures, just one happy customer, while they aren't cheap by no means they are worth every penny IMO. here is a link