buzz bait muskie

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  1. well i was fishing my pond a couple days ago throwing a buzz bait and we have 2 smallie ski's on their and the first cast i watched this 20-25inch muskie just come up and slam my buzz and my it got me all excited and as i was fighting him on my light action rod he got raped around as under water tree he got off man i was mad but still happy cuz it very very rare for any of the to bite in my pond still now all i want to do it go after ski's just though i would share that with you guys
  2. Welcome to the family :eek:) It just takes one, and you're hooked.


  3. muskies in a pond, is there anything else still alive in there????? if so wont be for long i would have to say!!!!!!!!!
  4. they are small and if you look in my pics you will see tyheir is just about every thing in my pond one is about 25inchs the oth at 20inchs