Buyng boat, got some questions

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by RippnLips, Feb 4, 2008.

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    My Dad and I are planning on buying a boat for this season. We fish for eye's and I want to bass fish this summer. We fish mainly Atwood, Leesville, Piedmont, Saltfork. We are looking at a 2007 Ultracraft, Stealth 160C. It does have a nice high front casting deck. I have a few question's because we have never heard any opinions on Ultracraft.

    1.-Does anyone have experience with Ultracraft?

    2.-Will a deep vee work alright for my bass fishing?

    3.How well will a 9.9 kicker push it?
  2. No knowledge about Ultracraft.

    I have a '96 Crestliner 1650 Fishhawk with a 40 hp engine. The boats appear to be designed about the same (length/beam/fishing platforms).

    On calm water, fully loaded, my draft is between 10 and 14" using the bow mounted electric with the main engine tipped up. The deep v also handles two foot or less on Erie for walleye and perch fishing. This is my first and only boat and it gives me good bass/crappie fishing inland and a reasonable platform for calm Erie days.

    For the lakes you mentioned, I think you would find it very fishable and comfortable for two people. You might get more for your money with a quality used rig.

    Best of luck and be safe out there.

  3. I actually just mentioned Ultracraft boats in a different thread!

    My buddy and his dad bought one last summer for a similar scenario. His dad is more of a walleye guy and he's really getting into bass fishing. I believe there's is 17' or 17'5"...but anyway...

    The layout of the boat pleasantly suprised me, especially the front deck. There's plenty of room for casting. He bought his with a 75 horse Merc and a 9.9 kicker...the 9.9 got them around fine on Leesville last summer when we went down for a few days. The boat also provided a pretty smooth ride on Mosquito during some suspect weather, and in dealing with the pleasure boaters.

    I'm not sure how much you'll be bassin' in the boat but when we went, there were 2 things that bothered me. First off, the seats lock into place...that may seem petty but it drives me nuts! I had to remove the seat and toss it on the floor while we were bass fishing. The second and most important thing would be the back casting deck (or lack thereof). There's a seat base about a foot and a half wide right next to the motor...needless to say, it doesn't make for a comfortable day flippin'! We're actually working on building a removable "extension" so that it's more feesable while bass fishing. It's really not even an option to stand on the floor on the back because it's such a deep boat.

    All in all I would say that it's a great boat for the price...I'm not a dealer or anything but I believe there is a great warranty on the hull as well.

    Good luck with your purchase and let me know if you have any more questions!

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    1. Sorry can't answer this from experience

    2. If you're strictly flipping cranks and spinners all day for bass then I would look more at a true bass boat with larger casting decks. If you're looking for more versatility then I say the V is a fine choice.

    3. A 9.9 will push it fine, but if it will be the sole motor on the boat I would seriously look at a 9.9 Mercury Bigfoot or 8hp or 9.9 Yamaha high-thrust version. Both of these motors have an oversized propellor and gear reduction that allows it to push larger boats, even pontoons with much better control and less prop slippage.
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    Is this your first boat? If it is, than I would not throw alot of money at it. I've owned many boats and not one has been perfect. There are trade offs to be made for different lakes and species of fish. I would wait until I knew what I had to have, and what I didn't really need, before throwing big bucks at one. Just a thought.
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    I used my grandpa's old 16' aluminum boat with a 9.9 this last summer. But that was plain jane. Worked nice for 10 hp lakes. But it is not bass fishable. No bow mount trolling motor. I would like a bass boat but trolling is not too handy in those, when saugeye fishing.
  7. Tough finding a wide beam aluminum that has a wide front deck. Im always changing my small boat around to get a better idea for the real deal! Wouldnt give up a v bottom though. I dont bow fish off my 14v and a 16 wouldnt be much better. Thats why my elect is in the back. ALOT more room to move around in. 18V look good though. Ruminator has one and there is alot of room in front.