buying sacs

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  1. i am looking for a place near rocky river to buy spawn sacs and eggs...L@M has beeen shut down for the past 2 days and i am in need of a place
  2. if you take madison ave. towards cleveland for about 10 minutes u will hit a place called frank's bait and tackle. they have them there.. when u get into cleveland it will be on a corner on ur left u cant miss it.

  3. Get them at Erie Outfitters. He sells the best around.
  4. catch some females and tie your own its easy as heck, just buy some netting and some string, the best kind is the stuff you dont have to tie just wrap around a few times alot cheaper
  5. I like your idea JLAMSON I have been tying my own sacs for the past five years that magic string is the greatest , If I can do it anyone can, I put a couple of floater beads in the sac to help it float, a little trick an old Michigan Steelhead fisherman taught me. It makes you feel good to catch one on your own sac.
  6. darn right plus it gives ya something to do at night, have a egg sack party ha and they freeze good for a later day
  7. Jlamson you keep jogging my memory this tread could go on forever. After you mentioned the freezer I have a food saver machine and I kept the spawn in the freezer from one year to the next, they still worked till I caught a female with spawn in her the next year, you have to freeze the spawn first the food saver will smash them when you pull the air out, I had to learn that the hard way HA. HA

  8. learn to cure eggs so you dont have to kill fish after fish for eggs. PLus not all eggs are equal you do not want to get a fish that is not ready to drop yet. or the eggs will be too soft and pop to easily.

    I would post how to cure them but i am too tired right now.

    I am sure someone can chime in.

    And pure cure makes something for it too. I suggest going to NY and catch a king. You will have plenty of ggs.