buying rods reels and lures on ebay.

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  1. Has anyone bought any rod reels or lures on ebay. Did you get what you expected or was it below. I guess what i am trying to say is that can you honestly trust the people on Ebay in the fishing area?
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    Look at the feedback. I've bought a few things on there from both individuals and stores and have no complaints. I think I read on here before that some store was selling fake Michigan Stinger spoons.

  3. Usually I only buy things from folks who have a lot of (positive) feedback. The most expensive thing I've bought has been a Loomis Mossyback rod. I figured the guy selling the rod wouldn't sacrifice his good feedback rating for the $$ he was making on the rod. As for the rod, he said it had been used a time or two, IMO it looked brand spank'n new. I will definitely buy again.

    I wont bid high $$ w/ someone whose feedback is low, or has negative feedback.
  4. I have had good experience on Ebay. Like said before make sure they have mainly positive feedback if they have one or two negative don't be so discouraged. You can't please some people. Also beware of the overseas sellers. Alot of replicas being sold as real item. Good luck in your bidding.
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    I buy and sell lures on Ebay and have been very fortunate. I ALWAYS read the feedback on someone with whom I've never dealt. I bought a reel once and it was broken, when I emailed the guy he immediately refunded my money. Most will go out of their way to protect their feedback rating, mine is 100% and I strive to keep it that way. I do get annoyed by sellers that want you to leave feedback first if you buy from them as it's my belief that I owe a fast paying customer good feedback. I don't have any reason to expect I'll get negative feedback therefore I post feedback immediately after I receive payment. Be sure to read the description and the shipping costs and understand them or ask the seller any questions you may have if in doubt!!
  6. I have had very good experiences with ebay when it comes to my fishing purchases, i also look at the previous feedbacks, they tell alot about the seller. Last year i took a chance on a 4 stroke 6hp yamaha kicker, it was used a couple of times on a sailboat, it has been through its first year of hard use and runs great. i saved hundreds of dollars going through ebay.
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    I've had good luck buying lures on Ebay. I've found some pretty good deals on stuff too. Just like everyone else said, look for high positive ratings.
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    I have had good luck on ebay as well.... look at the feedback like everyone said.

    Only bad buy was a blank for a 10' fly rod. My rodmaker said it is a really bad bamboo blank and I was robbed. SO, you do need to be careful. I now own a really GOOD stake for my tomatoes. If it looks too good to be true, it is.
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    ive bought probably over 100 lures/beads/bla,bla,bla.. off ebay. everyone is pretty upfront about what their selling. not buy from marys trading post.
  10. Buying from sellers with good feedback is a key point, but make sure you read the description for what is there or not there. I once bought a reel and I discovered later that the word "new" was not identified and I got something decent but learned my lesson to look for the key words of interest. I only go with sellers that do paypal. I don't trust or care to take the time to send checks, money orders, or any other way of paying. Paypal keeps my account number from sellers. Finally, always find out the shipping cost. If it is not available, move on. I've seen many $4 lures lave $6 shipping and have no combined/reduced shipping charges for multiple buys.
  11. I got 7 rattle trap for $14 shipped yesterday, There was so many more thing I wanted to buy though. lol
  12. Exactly the point I was about to make. I have run in to that on a couple of occasions. When they don't list it then that is a real trap. I have noticed though that some tend to make the shipping cost seem high but when you look at the overall price the product is still a good deal. I believe that they at times keep the product price lower and inflate the shipping price to lower the eBay commission costs. I have never sold on eBay myself so I am not exactly sure how that works.

    I have had only good results from my purchases on eBay as well. I usually avoid individuals with very little activity but I have done a few things with people that are somewhat new to selling. In all cases I was able to contact the seller prior to the sale with minor detail questions and found them to be helpful. That helped boost the confidence level a bit.
  13. I have recently sold a lot of hunting and fishing stuff on various sites,,I could have sold a lot more but shipping costs ,,are high,,,I have been selling more in garage sales ...I will be glad when it is all gone,,,I still like to talk to the buyer so there is no confusion to the product condition,,,
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    I've purchased well over 100 walleye baits and spinner stuff on Ebay, not once have I had a bad experience, I've purchased everything from 15 pnd downrigger balls to 100 packs of beads and everything in between. I picked up some impossible baits and colors to find and if it wasn't for ebay I wouldn't have them. I look on ebay for stuff on a weekly basis, unfortuneatly for my checkbook I always seem to buy buying too :B
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    I bought a Curado a few years ago. No problems, it still works great!
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    Almost all my lures & gear came from ebay. You really can save a ton of money. Just watch that you don't get GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). Once you get the GAS it's really hard to get rid of!!!
  17. I do quite a bit of fishing eqpt sales on Ebay (hence the link in my signature) and this is what I tell people that are concerned about purchasing items in this way. As stated many times check the feedback of the seller. I have a 100% postive feedback and work quite hard to maintain this. But as a seller there is a daily "fear" that someone is going to give you a negative for something that wasn't your fault. For example, getting a negative for slow shipping when the buyer pays for a Parcel Post shipment which is 2-9 BUSINESS days and the package arrives on business day 8 and you take a hit. For me, I ship the majority of my items Priority even when the buyer pays for Parcel Post unless there is a big price difference between the two. So when you look at feedback, read into some of them a bit and I am sure you will be able to determine of some of the negatives are probably from people that will never be happy. You will definatley be able to pick out the legit ones! Another thing to look at is the item description. If the seller is to lazy to give you a good detailed description of the item so you know exactly what you are getting then move on. One of the most important things to look for is the return policy!! Just about all of my listing are for brand new items and state that. My return policy for brand new items is that they are gladly excepted for any reason, but the item has to be in the same condition (brand new) and with in 7 days for a complete refund but you are responsible for S/H fee's. This eliminates someone buying 4 Tekota line counters for a weekend Salmon trip and then returning them used and saying they didn't like them which has happened to me with 4 Daiwa Sealines. Even if you return something to Cabelas you have to pay for the S/H, so I do the same thing. For used items though my return policy is that if you are not satisfied for any reason you can return the item to me for a complete refund and I will pay for your S/H fee's. I do this to show the buyer that I am not trying to "get one over" on them. To me, the return policy is the biggest thing a buyer has to look at and unfortunatley it is at the bottom of the listings.
    To respnd to BKR's post on shipping costs, you are right. Ebay charges you a final value fee for the item but does not charge you a percentage of the fee's you charged for S/H. So sellers lower their item cost and raise the S/H cost to make a few more bucks. Plus, smaller sellers/companys do not get the UPS discounts that large company's like Cableas get to use their shipping company's and it does cost them more money to ship something then it would cost Cabelas.
    If you have any further questions about buying things on Ebay feel free to shoot me an email and I will se if I can help.