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Buying from private party

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by Trout, Jul 20, 2005.

  1. When buying a used boat from a private party, what do i need to know? What documents do I need to get? This would be my first boat purchase. The boat will also come with a trailer. Also, is there a resource on the net that covers this?
  2. You need a title if the boat is over 14' long and if it has a motor over 10 hp you need a title for that too. If there is a title for the trailer you will need that too. I don't think there is but you never know. Then just go to the BMV and give them the serial number off the trailer and they can get you tags. I'm not sure what to do about the boat over 14' but if it's under 14' they can get you registration for it in your name. You'll need the Hull ID number if it is a post-1971 boat I believe. Hope this helped.

  3. Ok, for the boat u need a notorized title, for a boat under 14' you just need the registration card or bill of sale.

    For the trailer you need to have the registration or the bill of sale. If you have only the bill of sale you will need a weigh slip that shows the total weight of just your trailer without the boat.

    For outboards 10hp or over you will also need a notorized title.

    Take these to the title division and then head over the bmv to pay out the butt for trailer tags! Good luck

  4. Cat Mazter

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    I know I just bought one & I had to have the Registration to the trailer, Meaning you have to have the Trialer Weighed. You also Must have a 12 Digit # off your Boat, Not sure where they got it from but it was on my Title to the Boat I got. You should get a Title signed over to you then have it noterized & a new title made in your name. Im not sure about it all since I just bought the Boat without a Motor. I keep my Title on my Boat as well. Hope this helps you out.
    Cat Mazter
  5. Oh yeah, Title transfer cost $5
    If the boat already has tags that are still valid, its transferrable for $5 (not sure on the price of new 3 year tags)
    Trailer tags cost me $38

    Be sure to have all information, like HIN and the serial number on your motor and maybe even the serial number on your boat, I can't remember which ones they ask for, but just go prepared with everything possible you think you need, its a pain having to drive back home and grab something then drive back and wait in line again.

  6. Ok, thanks for the info guys.