buying baitcasters off of ebay?

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  1. has anyone here bought a baitcaster off of eBay? I am looking for a couple of reels for bassfishing. I would like to know if it would be a good idea to buy a baitcaster off of eBay. I know that there are some great deals on there. But I also read that baitcasters can't take years of abuse.
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    My Dad buys reels all the time off Ebay. Haven't heard him complain about anything so far and I bet he's bought at least 10. "Boat Rash" is what to look for, that means it has some scratches.
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  3. I have got several off there and have not got a bad one yet. Just watch for the ones that look good. You can bet if they have a lot of boat rash on them they havnt been too well taken care of. I have got a couple of Browning reels that are like brand new from there.
  4. Bought at least 10... all good, but they were all spinners
  5. What are you looking for. I have about 30 new and lightly used baitcasters in my basement many new in the box. The round Ambassadeurs will last a lifetime. In fast I have a couple of 50's era that are as good as new.

    I use my baitcasters hard but I do maintain them. There are a couple of wear parts, but they are inexpensive and easy to replace.
  6. I buy all my Ambassaders from ebay.
    Not a problem with any of them.
    All I use in Baitcasters is the Ambassorders.
    You cant beat them for relibilty and toughness.
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    I've bought many from ebay, not a problem at all....good deals on all of them... THE CATKING !!!