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buying a new boat

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by billybob7059, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. ;) I am looking to buy a new boat. The boat I have fallin in love with so far is the Alumacraft TOURNAMENT PRO 185 tiller. Matched with a 40-60 four stroke merc. I have never owned a boat before so I am not sure what is the best. I like the tiller right now b/c I there is a ton of room in the boat and I can back troll for walleyes. I also like the casting deck to fish for bass. I plain on takeing the boat mostly to inland lakes like berlin,alum,and milton. BUT I would like to take it to lake erie and lake Ontario sometimes to troll for walleye and salmon. Is this the boat for me? what do you guys think.
    thanks for the info.
  2. hey brad, just my 2 cents worth. i just bought my first boat ever this year. i have been fishing with my friends who have nitros, rangers, and one has a gambler. all i needed was a boat to fish from. i did my research and bought a g3. if you get a chance check out their web site at i have put about 15 hours on the boat so far this year and i am totally pleased with the boat. i bought a eagle 175 but they also have deep v,s what would work great for you. just my input and good luck on a boat.

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    alumacrafts are one of the better boats out there . there warranty and customer service is unmatched in the boat industry. i don't own one but have read all the reports on them at walleye central.the 60 motor sounds better for lake erie if you get the tiller. go a bit bigger w/a counsel style boat.