buttonwood 4/20

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  1. Me and a buddy fished BW for only an hour this evening, Some how he managed to snap his rod in half, so we called it a nite. Within that hour i landed 2 within a couple cast of each other. Also we saw a hand full of females rolling on the surface. Is this a good sign meaning the run will go longer this season? just wondering FishingfoolBg
  2. When they are rolling, that means that spawning is taking place. I seen you heading out with your 2 last night. I was out in front of the beach. I figured if I waved you'd be confused anyways:) I managed 3 quick ones after 2 hours of searching. I lost #4 about 5-6 times and never did get it. I'm heading up there shortly.

  3. We had to work for them yesterday. Took about 3 hours and more than a dozen rigs lost. It was a circus! :confused:

  4. Nice catch guys, Wish i could have stayed out longer and try for my limit but my buddy didnt bring an extra rod.
    So would this be considered the peak of the run?

    Hey Red i would have been a little confused if i saw a random guy waving to me haha. Ill be out there tonight so if you see me out there ill wave back next time haha. Good Luck Eric
  5. I think we are on the back side of the run now...saw a kid in the boat in front of us yesterday catch a dandy 9# spawned out female. That will make one helluva nice mount. The fishing was NOT good yesterday....we fished the tourney and probably only landed 18 or so legal fish in 7+ hours of fishing. Tons and tons of suckers, carp, etc. etc. I also caught a 14" white bass, and saw a few others as well.

    We'll be losing fish at an alarming rate with all these warm, sunny days coming now. Par for the course...time to hit the big water.

    64 frickin' teams in the Maumee Tackle tourney. Only 36 weighed fish. That should tell you that the fishing was less than stellar....