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    my thinking last night was, that with the youth hunt at mosquito lake this morning it would be a good time to go out and get a doe for the freezer. the kids will be moving the deer around. OK,sounded good. about 7:15 on cue, here comes a doe about 70 yards away. i hit the primos bleat can, she turns and starts towards me. a few more calls and she is within range. im thinking "man, this is too easy" take the shot and down she goes?? i wait about 5 minutes and watch her die. it was the fastest ive ever saw a deer die. when i gutted the deer i found out why. perfect heart/double lung shot. anyhow, after watching the deer die i walk up to HIM. yep HIM, shot a button buck. man, didnt want to do that. im thinking i just wasted my buck tag. get to the check in station and the guy tells me im OK because they group button bucks with does. once he told me that i remembered it.DUH.. ok so now i got one for the freezer.

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    All I can say is that that deer will taste so good ! :D Good job on a quick clean kill .

  3. I too was thinking like you on the youth hunt. Went to the Sportsmen's Club and was in my stand well before first light. Had a doe working towards me when pheasant hunters came and spooked her! Forgot they also had a bird release. Still trying to get one in the freezer. Congrats and nice Dutch Rub on the deer!:D
  4. So I take it you didn't tag it with your antlerless tag. I made the same mistake this season. I shot a button buck and tagged it with my 24 dollar tag on accident. I thought, crap, now I have to shoot another Doe to fill my antlerless tag. Last weekend the opportunity presented itself and I shot a yearling Doe...and yes I tagged it with the right tag. We are not even to gun season yet and I have two yearlings down...GOOOD EATING!!!! I am strictly buck only until muzzleloading. At that point, anything is fair game. By the way Congrats! Looks like a good sized yearling.
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    If you put your 24 dollar tag on a doe, can you still shoot a buck?
  6. Depending on what zone you are hunting in the answer could be yes that you can still shoot a buck. If you are in a zone that allows more than one regular tag then you could. If you are in zone 1 then no. This was discussed in detail on this thread.