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  1. Went out last night to a small public fished pond in the area. I managed to catch about 15 nice bluegills and a decent crappie. Felt good to break the blues that nimi put on me the last couple of days. Most of the fish came on Ratso's made by custom jigs and spins. The color of the night was pink and white. I tried orange/chartreuse, glow, and black. The other gills and the crappie came on live minnows fished about 1.5 feet off the bottom in 8 feet of water. In fact the magic depth was 1.5 to 2 feet off the bottom in 8 feet of water. Nothing came closer to the bottom or higher than 2 feet. Worked hard for the fish but it was worth it! This pond is the only place I have been able to catch bluegill with consistency after dark.
  2. Though I'd like to, I won't ask where this publicly fished pond is but I will say that I have personnally never caught a bluegill-in close to 40 yrs. of ice fishing-after dark. That is amazing to hear!

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    C.J., most guys quit fishing at dark or a little after.Try a night trip, get out at 10 or 11pm and fish till the sun comes up.You'll be surprised and will probably catch more fish than in the daylight hours.I've had non-stop bluegill bites that lasted from midnight to 3am.Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.......Mark