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Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by oxmos, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. Man it sure was an eventful weekend. Started off Saturday morning watching an 8 point chase 2 does. That evening I watched a 4 point running 2 more does. It was starting to get dark, but I told myself to stay in the tree till 7. At 5 till I changed my mind and started climbing down my tree. Got halfway down and heard ruckus off to my right. There 20 yards away was an 8 point with a 12" inside spread, but 13" G-2s!!! He got downwind of me and took off trotting for parts unknown. Man that was aggrevating having a nice buck that close and not having an arrow to send his way.

    On a positive note, on the way back to the house I saw a deer with antlers about 300 yards out in one of the food plots. Popped my head out the skylight when I got to the house and and looked him over with a scope. Looked like a very healthy 150 class 10 point. Sure hope they both stick around and avoid the poachers.
  2. jeffmo

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    oxmos,weren't you the one who posted the elk pics?

  3. That'd be me. The pics of dead elk were from friends hunting in NM and CO, The live critters were from Kentucky.
  4. jeffmo

    jeffmo officially unofficial!!!!

    thanks!,i was just curious as to the whens and wheres.we don't get alot of elk hunting stories here.i went to n.w. colorado a couple of years back and it almost ruined me for hunting around here.