bust on lake isabella

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  1. Anyone else go to Isabella on Saturday. Fished from 7:00 to 12:30 didnt catch a fish or see anyone else for that matter.
    Great to be on the lake finally though
  2. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Is Isabella a fee fishing lake? A new co-worker of mine was intersted in trying it out and wanted some info on it.

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    I fished it on Sunday and had same outcome. Talked to a few guys who caught zero and in the four and a half hours I was there didn't see anyone catch anything. The place was packed though
  4. fishman it is 9 dollars to fish free if over 60
  5. I fished sat and sun caught limit 4 each day....You got to get after the fish and move around until you find 'em I was out of there by 1030 each day...Powerbait and minnows couple on gold cleo's
    I usually fish the boathouse area on sat since thats were the fish get put in. Then by sunday morning and the rest of the week I get em down by the 275 end where you come in..When the suns out the gold cleo is the best saw some get caught on spinners like roostertails...but minnows on a meller are best
  6. How big are the trout at Lake Isabella?
  7. about 1.25 to 2.0 lbs average probably 1.25 each..Nice eaters
  8. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Thanks for the information guys, I'll pass it along.
  9. 4 again this am out by 10:30 got a little wet but got my 4 at Isabella
  10. I was there monday at 3:30 ish untill close. Had 1 nibble and saw one float by. that was it. didnt see any caught in my area. used powerbait and minnows. Total bummeer at lake no nibbles but it was great weather!!! didnt rain much until 7:00.
  11. Got my 4 again today on black popeyes and cleos...
  12. i heard that they stocked brookies and some goldens today at lake isabella during the blizaard. did anybody see them go in today I missed the truck...
  13. I wonder if they are open maybe sunday?
  14. Is it brook or brown trout? I know that browns are brought up here for pay lakes from the Cumberland Hatchery. I have never heard of any pay-lake brookies.

    I might go there tomorrow. What's the bare knuckle?
  15. It's $9 for four trout limit 12 hours
  16. I confirmed with the manager out there brookies and browns were stocked and are going to be again this friday..some goldens also were stocked..yeah fish on...
  17. was there yesterday from 3:30 until 6:30 saw nice rainbows running the bank....and that was as close as they came. Talked to 6 others all left empty handed.:S
  18. not much going on in the bright sun but going out in the overcast today to see the stocking brookies and browns will bite today !!! fish on !!!
  19. caught my four today..north end cleo sppoonn and powerbait north end..they stocked 500 in the lot the lake is high but thjey are biting....
  20. Hit the lake this morning,caught 3 on gold cleo. Things are still slow,hard to fish from the bank because of the high water. Next week I might try a rental boat. Anyone interested drop me a line. Fiishing fees are 9$ over 60 FREE!!