bus vs driving kids to school

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  1. I know this isn't a outdoorsie question but one of importance to me and hoping I can get advice from others out there who might have experienced my delima.

    I have 2 girls ages 7 and 9. Fortunately we always lived close enough to walk to school. However, we recently move. We now have only a 10 min drive from school. My girls want to ride the bus instead of me driving them. (now keep in mind I have the time to take them and pick them up that's not an issue). They can either ride the bus for an hour or I can get them there in 10 min by car. I just can not bring myself to let them ride the bus due to horrific things that happened to me and my brothers when we rode bus to school. Plus the fact when my 17 yr old was 5 they lost him on the bus.

    Woody says riding a bus is a life experience-one I should let them do.

    I have to tell you I am a control freak and over protective mother especially with my 7 yr old. She had cancer. a few short yrs ago she had no hair, could not walk or eat, was on a feeding machine, when through a left kidney removal, radiation and 1 year of chemo in the hospital. I stayed with her in her hospital bed. Never to leave her side. she is now 3 yrs in remission.

    Woody and I were not together then. he and I have been married 1 year. what a man to marry me and care for my children.

    anyway, back to the bus issue. should I let them ride the bus? or drive them. I know it probably seems silly to some but I am seriously losing sleep over this. I drove them the 1st day.

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    I don't have kids, but it sounds like you have good reasons to be protective. Sorry to hear of your daughters issues. Its great that she is doing well now though.
    I remember some of my best school age memories of being on the bus, and just hanging out with my friends.
    I'd say let them take the bus, let them be kids and exp. what kids should.
    Who knows, they may not like the bus anyways, then you would get to take them to school without being over bearing.
    Either way, good luck.

  3. Connie, I think you should let then take the bus. Then if they happen not to like it then drive them. That way they get what they want and all the while knowing they have a safety net if they don't like it. My kids take the bus since age 5 without any problems hope this helps you need your sleep to reel in the big one. P.s. If they take the bus we can be on the lake sooner LOL
  4. Very true. LOL! I can fish sooner. When I was a child my bus driver would pull semi's out of the ditch in the winter..with us on the bus. She would also let her teenage girls drive the bus. They would always stop at the store on our route hom and her girls would get off and get things from the store and we'd sit there waiting on them. Same bus, a kid, no reason, hit my brother in the head with a book. He had to get stitches.

    When my son was in kindergarten he fell asleep on the bus. When he never came home I freaked. I was at work and he always rode the bus to grandma's. She called and said he never came home. I called the school and they called the bus garage and no one could find him. they said he was not on the bus that some man, who they thought was his grandfather picked him up. Well grandpa was at home and had not picked him up. I was crying and so upset. the school had no clue and to tell me some strange man got him. Anyway, they did find him. he was asleep on the bus.

    When Woody was a child hus bus caught fire. Burnt to the ground. Thankfully they all got off safe.

    ok so here's my rationale...there are car wrecks everyday and they could easily get killed from me driving them to school just as easily as being on a bus. So I shall let them ride the bus today but I will be fretful and terrified all day long.

    Thanks for the advice and support. I plan to fish if I cn stop thinking about the whaty if's.
  5. my 5 year old son starts kindergarden next week, and will be riding the bus too and from school, me and my wife wish we could take him too and from school but our work schedules dont allow us that comfort, all parents are worried about there children whether riding a bus or riding in a car with a friend, but after what my wife has had to go through to get her cdl license to become a school bus driver, i worry more about other drivers on the road than the bus drivers or other students, the contact they get from the other kids on the bus is like others have said a life time experience unless its a bad one, in that case like my son knows let them hit first then whale them (which applies to bullies) LOL...
  6. I feel better. I got them off to the bus this morning but not easliy. We got there at 8:30am. we were told a wrong bus # and time so we missed the bus. someone yelled to us and said he would come back through so we waited and he did come back through. He thought we were wanting a diff bus for a diff school as the people in our town go to two siff school districts. weird. anyway, he was kind of sassy. He said well your kids did not ride the bus yesterday. no, no they did not but then again we did not know what bus or time. we are new to the area. Like I said we were given the wrong bus # and pick up time.

    anyway, my girls are hopefully at school now.

    so glad your wife drives bus..we need good drivers. I am sure they are fine, right.
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    Right. The biggest concern for your little girls on the bus will be the little boys on the bus......
  8. LOL so true! I know what Iw as doign once I became a teenager on band bus. only 4 more hrs till they get home. I did go fishing at a new place. an old resevoir back in the woods. Caught several blue gil.
  9. yeah my wife loves it, i know one thing for sure, the information u have to know just to get ur cdl is unreal, all the safety checks that have to be done, and on top of that, board of education advisors are always following buses to make sure proper practices are being followed.
  10. I wouldn't worry about them on the bus until middle school and high school. I remember my freshman year well. ;) The mornings were laid back because most of us were still asleep but the afternoons were "crazy". From what you said I know you can imagine what a bunch of hormone crazed guys could talk the girls into. But then again come high school time they will be too "cool" to be dropped off at school by their mom. :D
  11. I did not know they did that. That is good to know. I feel better about it.

    The school they attend now is a very small country community. Last yr at their old school they had 30 kids per class. This school they have 17 kids per class.

    2 more hrs lol.