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burr oak lake

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by saugeyesam, Dec 23, 2004.

  1. has anyone fished burr oak lake its not to far from my moms house. is it worth fishing/ ice fishing whats it got in it for fish want to hit it here in january or february.
  2. I've fished it for bass and crappies,and I've heard it was a good lake for catfish also.We caught a few decent bass,but nothing to write home about,although it's supposed to hold big bass.We did take several slab crappies though.I really can't give you an answer about saugeye populations in there,or answer any ice fishing questions on this lake either.Never fished for eyes' there,or ice fished it.

  3. Sam Burr Oak is a wonderful lake . Ive never bank fished it or fished for 'eyes
    but had good luck on bass. They have tourneys there every sat but I usually try to go during the week. The lake is said to have good pops of walleye and
    being familiar with depth and cover there I would say that is no myth. I have caught 6 lb LM and had a real big fish spit a crank there 2 yrs ago. Try the dam area . Rocky and deep. Very clean and undeveloped. The wardens there are bored so expect to get checked on boat safety @ ramps. I can always count on them 4 a new sticker. Good luck JR .
  4. thanks fellas i plan on hitting it as soon as we get some really good ice,
    i'll let you guys know how i do if we do good i'll have to get down there for some spring time bass thanks for the heads up on the wadren jr we'll keep ane eye out for him.