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Bumper crop?

Discussion in 'Home & Garden' started by buckeyebowman, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. hardwaterfan

    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

    Before they get too big?!?! Lol Dad those are huge....well done!
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  2. firstmate26

    firstmate26 Medina County

    Everything looks great everybody! I second "Amazing Carrots" for sure!

    John, your dahlias are beautiful! You are going to have to post more pics of your dahlias so I can enjoy them, since I never had time to get mine in the ground this year. I checked out my tubers (which are still stored away) the other day and they still look good, so I need to figure out what I am going to do with them to keep them going.

    All my veggies are starting to come along pretty good now. I got everything in really late, did not start planting till the end of June.
    I took some pictures yesterday, here are some of my favorites.
    All the squash are flowering like crazy. Yesterday morning the bees were going mad over the squash blossoms. Buzzing around like crazy, fighting over flowers, it was crazy!

    Corn and kale (don't mind the weeds, weeding my kale is one of the next things on my list to do)

    Zucchini and Summer Squash

    Corn with Tomato plants in the background



  3. Dang Firstmate, nice garden! How big is your garden?

    I picked a few more Roma and Cherry tomatoes, and pulled the rest of my carrots. Got a few black beans as well. I need to pick some more basil and make pesto.

    ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1502487851.592433.jpg

    And the bees are loving my sunflowers, tons of pollen!

    ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1502487897.466344.jpg
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  4. Nice, that looks a lot bigger than a garden to me. Congrats!
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  5. Your garden is really looking good firstmate. That's a lot to take care of but I remember that you said that you sold veggies so I can understand why it's so big. My garden is much smaller. I picked some more tomatoes and a few peppers today so along with Thursday's picking I will definitely have to do some canning. I'm fishing tomorrow so I'll start canning next week. Photo1193.jpg Photo1191.jpg
  6. firstmate26

    firstmate26 Medina County

    Everyone's tomatoes are making me drool. I can not wait for my tomatoes to start coming in, I picked my first three cherry tomatoes on Friday, boy where they good! Since I got my tomatoes in late they are not ready yet, but should be starting to ripen now. Of coarse in probably another month after freezing tomatoes and making tomato sauce every week, I probably will not want to see another tomato again, but right now I can not wait.

    I do not have as much planted this year as I normally do, since I got such a late start. I do sell my vegetables at farmers markets. I have just under 2 acres to play around with planting, some of that is unusable because it gets way to wet, so I do not plant it all, I also rotate things and plant cover crop in some areas every year. I would say I usually plant around an acre of it with vegetables every year.

    It is a lot of work. My rows are around 100 feet long, and I have learned, especially when weeding, to never look up while working down the row. Looking up and seeing how much you have to do yet, is enough to exhaust you.
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  7. Doboy. I would love to see your recipe for the canned peppers . My wife loves the store bought banana pepper slices and I am trying to make something close to them.
  8. Ant


    Chippewa I use half cider vinager and half water messured by the cup 1 tblspn salt per cup of vinager, cut up onion,And about 1 tblspn sugar for every cup of water and vinager.You can adjust to taste.Slice and clean youre peppers and pack in sterile jars.Cover with hot brine and put the lids on.As long as the lids seal should be good for a year.If they last that long.
  9. Amazing garden FM.

    Here's a pic from Saturday of my 16 month old grandson checking out some Dahlias.

    Isaac & Dahlias.jpg
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  10. Table Dahlias 2.jpg Dahlia Teddy Pics.jpg Dahlia Boogie Nights 2.JPG Best Dahlias this year:

    DAHLIA  PEACH CAMEO 2.jpg Dahlia Blue Boy.JPG DAHLIA BRIDEZILLA 2.JPG Dahlia Daredevil.jpg Dahlia Sheer Heaven.jpg Dahlia Sun Explosion.JPG
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  11. buckeyebowman

    buckeyebowman On the back 9 and loving it!

    Been a hot week in the kitchen so far processing. Put up more green beans, peppers, and dill pickles. Might have to buy a food processor. I'm getting a ripe tomato here and there, but I get the feeling that I'll be up to my neck in ripe 'maters real soon!

    I have my friend's Mother's recipe for tomato juice, and it is to die for! But, she didn't have a food processor. If I remember correctly she used one leg of a pair of new panty hose, ladled the cooked pulp into it, and just let it drip into a bowl!

    I don't have that kind of patience, and I for sure don't have any panty hose. Seriously! I really don't have any panty hose!
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