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Bumper crop?

Discussion in 'Home & Garden' started by buckeyebowman, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. buckeyebowman

    buckeyebowman On the back 9 and loving it!

    Anybody else besides me having one? Holy cow! Haven't seen yields like this in years!

    And it's nice watching the plants grow, bear fruit, and then harvesting. But as you're harvesting you realize you've made a lot of work for yourself! After 4 straight days of weeding, harvesting and processing, I'm pretty much worn out!

    I blanched about 10 lbs of green beans today and got them in the freezer. Picking them damn near wrecked my back! The plants bore so heavy that they all flopped over, and every branch I lifted would reveal an absolute forest of green beans!

    Still, I'm glad for the harvest. Those beans had such a pretty green color to them that I've never seen come out of a can! And they smelled so good!

    And the way the tomato plants are bearing I can tell that just eating BLT's will not handle the load! I'm going to have to learn to make salsa or tomato juice! BTW, Promisekeeper mentioned BLTP's on the Kitchen page. These are BLT's with slices of pepper on them. Anyone ever try BLTC's? That's a BLT with slices of cucumber on them! Pure heaven between two slices of bread!
  2. Same here. I've already canned more green beans this year than all of last year. And there's no end in site. The plants are still loaded with small beans and flowers.

    I don't plant a lot of peas, but same story there...way more than last year.

    Cucumbers...I thinking of pulling them up. The vines might as well be a mile long, they're out of control. I've done two big batches of pickles already, have given away at least 3-4 dozen, still have a bunch in the frig, and the plants are still loaded.

    Peach trees are loaded. Tomatoes and apple trees seem like they will be an average yield.

    I am sure the weather has had a big impact on this, with the mild temps and the amount of rain that has fallen.

    With that said, that's why I think my peppers haven't taken off yet. It seems they do so with a good hot spell.
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  3. buckeyebowman

    buckeyebowman On the back 9 and loving it!

    Well, we've had some good, sunny hot spells in between the storms, and my peppers are going bonkers! We just had an extended hot, dry period that ended with two good rain showers this afternoon. So, I figure the garden is going to "take off" once again.

    And it won't be long now! I've finally seen some color on some tomatoes! In the morning I like to sit out back with a hot cup of coffee and a smoke and just peruse the garden. Wait a minute! Is that some orange peeking at me? Sure enough it was. Checked the calendar, and these plants have only been in the ground 52 days! That's a testament to what warm soil, warm sun and sufficient rainfall can do for you!
  4. chris1162

    chris1162 team flatty

    Same here. Tomatoes and peppers are out of control.
  5. My tomatoes have been doing good but my peppers were at a stand still. I sprinkled some 12 12 12 around them and put on some fresh grass clippings and it helped out a lot. Photo1174.jpg Photo1178.jpg
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  6. Nice Meats, plants sure look healthy
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  7. My tomatoes are doing pretty good, my peppers aren't doing much. Kind of disappointed with them. I pulled my bush beans because they were just taking up space, but my pole beans are doing good.

    Today's harvest
    ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1501882250.752764.jpg

    Chinese Red Noodle beans, I've never grown beans before and thought 18" beans might be fun.
    ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1501882322.011237.jpg
  8. Nice. I've picked some roma and cherry tomatoes but I'm still waiting for the first ripe beefstake for a sandwich. I've got some bell peppers that I'll be picking tomorrow so the wife could make stuffed peppers.
  9. Is that a black krim tomato on the right? those are great tasting!
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  10. buckeyebowman

    buckeyebowman On the back 9 and loving it!

    I'm going to have to take some pics of my garden and try to post them here. I never had problems posting pics until the last few times I tried, and nothing has changed on my end.

    That won't happen until I stand everything back up! We had a rippin' storm come through with lightning, high winds, hail, sideways rain, the whole 9 yards! I was out running errands and got trapped in my car for half an hour!

    Meats, did you see any of this? It was kind of headed your way.

    I'll say this about the National Weather Service. The one severe thunderstorm warning that was called for our area amounted to next to nothing. The same warnings called for other areas resulted in us getting pounded!

    Anyway, I got home after the first, mid-day storm and propped up plants that had gotten flattened, including two of my tomato plants! Thank God the main stems didn't get snapped. Then I ran out of props, so went to buy more. That's when I got stuck in the second wave of the storm that was an unrelenting, torrential downpour!

    I don't think I'll be able to get into my garden tomorrow. Maybe I can get in there Sunday to stand up the rest of the plants.

    I'll say this. The cool, dry air that's coming in after this front is a blessing. I just wish it didn't have to come with the curse of such foul weather!
  11. They do taste great, they just don't look right on a sandwich.
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  12. I'll eat an ugly sammich with those anytime!

    Sorry to hear about your garden buckeye, hope it isnt too bad!
  13. Cherokee Purple, I have picked 3 and all are split and cat faced. This one is the worst.

    I have a black krim plant I tried in a container and it didn't do much.
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  14. It took me a minute to get over the dark color of the Cherokee Purple. I'm used to red tomatoes and throwing out dark areas. This S my first year growing anything other than red tomatoes and I have to say the color change is nice.
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  15. with the different colored shoulders on them, I sometimes think they arent quite ripe yet. Now I touch the bottom and if its soft, its ripe no matter what the top looks like.
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  16. wajski

    wajski retired pipefitter120/669 sprinkler fitter

    No more garden for me 3 Qs and plants are dead no spag squash dead also egg plants are dead pepper plants look real nice no peppers. I will say matersare going krazy now if day only turn redd next year I will just buy from a road side stand and spend more time fishing.
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  17. Ha Ha, we all say that once in a while, come late winter we can't wait to get out and till the garden. You'll get over it wajski!
  18. firstmate26

    firstmate26 Medina County

    The Chinese Red Noodle Beans are not the same as regular beans. Regular beans I usually boil them to cook them, but yard long beans (Chinese Red Noodle Beans) are best cooked in a pan with some butter or oil. I also like to grill them up, throw them in some foil along with some other vegetables (kohlrabi, turnips, peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, etc.), add some butter, yum! I usually grow some every year, but this year I didn't, now you are making me miss them.
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  19. It hit here too. My tomatoes are all tied to stakes so it didn't bother them. I did have one pepper plant that was laying over this morning so I staked it up. I picked some tomatoes and peppers after I tied the pepper plant up. Photo1180.jpg
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  20. buckeyebowman

    buckeyebowman On the back 9 and loving it!

    With the sun and wind today I was able to get into the garden in the afternoon and stand and prop everything up.

    I picked a few cukes that I had never noticed before! I'm constantly amazed at their ability to hide! I could have picked a ton of peppers, but I have to process the ones I already have in the fridge. I have some huge sweet fryers and cubanelles that I'm going to stuff with a sausage mixture and bake in tomato sauce. Heaven!

    And wajski, come on man! Every year is different. Last year my cukes and green beans were a disaster! This year they're going crazy! In fact the whole deal is going crazy.

    So much so, that I'm thinking of chipping up about 5 more feet of sod and extending the garden for next year. With the way things grew it got a little crowded this year. Plus, I'd like to try some new stuff.
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