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Bullock Pen

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Rooster, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. Anyone fish Bullock Pen? I have never fished this lake, but plan to give it a try on Wednesday after work. Any tips on fining the bass? Thanks!
  2. yeah, rooster ive fished the lake its ok, but very tough to fish for bass, the last time I went I caught a 2 lb bass on a texas rigged creature bait, and that was it!, heard that deap runnin crankbaits fished near the dam, and other deep banks produce quality bass. I would suggest fishing deeper water because Im sure they are staged off the bank, since its post spawn. if the bass arent biting try for cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The Bait Store There Hosts There Own Fishing Tournaments. I Have Heard Of 15lbs Stringers Of Bass With Some 6 And 7 Lbers Out Of There. I Personnally Havent Fished The Lake. I Always Fished At Boltzs Lake A Couple Exits Past Bullock Pen Down At The Dry Ridge Exit. That Lake Is Ok. Caught Some 19 And 20 Inch Bass From There. Never Heard Of Any Tournys There. If You Go Let Us Know I Just Got My Kentucky Licence. Might Hit Bullock Just Because Of The Stories Of Big Weighins.
  4. I have been told that there is a BIG bass potential of around 9 pounds at Bullock Pen (That is why I am interested in fishing the lake). There is a KY Pondhoppers tournament there on Saturday.

    Mike- I see that you have a tournament on Sunday. Have you been doing any good at Bischoff? I was there a few days ago and only got one bite. Granted, it was a 3.2LB beauty on a black & Blue jig.
  5. Rooster I Have Not Been Fishing Much Inbetween Tournys. Result Is Getting Skunked During Tourny. I Was At Cedar Creek Lake Last Sunday Which Is In Rock Castle Kentucky Of The Renfro Valley Exit. This Lake Is About 3 Years Old. No Horse Power Limit But Has A 21foot Boat Limit. Very Weird But Thats What The Kdfw Set Up. The Lake Is Set To Be A Trophy Bass Lake. You Are Only Allowed To Keep On Bass. This Bass Has To Be 21inches! I Fished With A Hand Made Lure Company Owner(rgm)baits. He Has Caught On 21" And One 24" This Year. They Were Both Released. The Reason I Went Into Great Detail Is I Know You Love Big Bass Lakes. It Is About A 2hr15min Ride From West Side Of Cincy. If You Want Details On Lake Or Lures Let Me Know In This Forum Or Pm Me. Sounds Like A Good Catch At Bischoff. Did You Take Pic. Any Help On Details Of Where Fish Was Would Be Greatly Appreciated. Shallow Near Trees Or Grass.etc.etc
    Thanks Again Mike Torbeck.

    Ps Im Not Sure If This Is Allowed But This Rgm Baits Sells Hand Made Jigs And Spinnerbaits For $1.50 With A Lifetime Guarantee And He Will Replace Broken Bait For Almost Any Reason. Contact Me For Info. Would Love To Help Guy Gain Some Business.
  6. I have read about Cedar Creek Lake, and hope that it turns into the BIG bass fishery that they are expecting. I also hope to get down that way in the future!
    I have fished Bischoff about 3 times in the last two weeks, and have not caught a lot of fish. Most fish that I have been lucky enough to catch were taken by slowly swimming a black & blue jig thru the downed trees (the area with numerous downed trees on the bank opposite the ramp).
  7. Rooster I Thank You Very Much For The Info. Hope To See You Get One Of Them Pigs Out Of There This Year. Glad To See The On You Got From Aep? A Couple Weeks Back. Lifetime Best Bass Is An Awesome Feeling. Especially A Couple Times A Year! Good Luck And I Post Report Next Week.