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BulletBobber Press Release

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Riverman, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. Riverman

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    Fishing with the BulletBobber is one of them

    The newly patented BulletBobber is the first bobber ever with directional control. The advantages it provides are fun and effective. It is the ideal “Form Fit to Function”. The BulletBobber is a castable mini planer board that reverses direction when given a quick, little tug.

    In calm water, it travels up to a 6" sideways for each inch of retrieve and is heavy enough for long casts and a broad coverage return. The BulletBobber can glide your bait into and back out of tight areas and steer around structure.

    In slow current or tidal flow, it is more functional and fun, although challenging. From the bank, shore, pier or a bridge you may find you can cast one time and go wherever you want in the passing flow. It gives you new angles of attacking an area without recasting. You can try to cut back and forth through an area with fish by planing from side to side, or pull up to the front of hole and drift it again or try to hold an ideal position. When it is working to hold a position, the current will often vary, raising and lowering your bait in a jigging motion that is very effective.



    There is video at that is worth watching.

    Distributors and Retailers can contact:
    BulletBobber Enterprises
    3586 Wadsworth Rd. Norton, OH 44203
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